Want your links to open in a new browser? Inserting the code, is very easy.

The code that needs to be inserted is { target =”new” }, or. {target =”_blank”}.

This gets inserted immediately before the {>}, which is immediately before the description of the link.

For an example, if I want to create a link to my other blog, I would click on the “code” tab (here on my WordPress blog), clink on “link”, and paste the link to my Observation Mountain.com blog.

My “link” will look like this: <a href=”http://observationmountain.com/”>.

In order to get the link to open in a new window, I will add “target =”new”.

The link will then look like this:

<a href=”http://observationmountain.com/” target =”new”>

After the …..”new”>, I will type in,what I want the link to read.

<a href=”http://observationmountain.com/”>ObservationMountain.com</a>

Remember, the { </a> } closes the link.

So, if I do that on my “code” page, this is what you’ll see: ObservationMountain.com . Sometimes, I create a link that reads OM.

If you forget to add the “code”, or want to change your links so they open in a new browser window, (in WordPress), just go to “Manage” and click on “posts” or “pages”, and find the article you want to edit. Make your changes, and hit “Save”.

Remember to test your newly created links by clicking on them. This process will insure that your readers will be redirected to the page or post, you’re referencing.

Hint: Using the Firefox Split Browser extension, makes for “grabbing” the link, very easy. Read my Blogging Just Got Easier post for more information on creating a split browser.

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