It was “back to school” today.

I was tweaking a page in my other blog, and wanted to add a line break, so I went to and learned the code. Insert “hr” inside of these brackets < >, before or after where you want the line break, and this is what you get:

Whatever you typed, will have a line either over or under the text. Pretty cool.

I also wanted to have the information I was working with in columns on my page, so I used the suggested code from which I found under HTML layout, and created three columns of information. In their demonstration, they divided the page in half, by using 50% for each table, but I wanted three columns (or tables), so I used 33%. It worked perfectly.

You can see my creation at – Sidebar Shopping.

Even though I spent the greater part of the day learning and applying code, it turned out to be a lesson that served me well.

Try the line break code or use tables, and see how creative you can get.

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