When I’m writing my blogs, this one and www.observationmountain.com, I post directly to the WordPress “Write Post” screen. I don’t use a text editor. I continue to click, “save and continue editing” until I’m happy with my post.

I often need to move sentences or paragraphs around to make my post “flow” better. I tried to “copy and paste” by right clicking when I was typing on the “Visual” screen, but I wasn’t getting that option. I decided to try to right click when I was in the “Code” mode, and found that works. So…if you need to “copy and paste”, just switch over to the “Code” screen.

How easy is that?

Too bad I’m not discovering that ease with my other challenges in blogging.

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  1. buddyNo Gravatar says:

    Nice little tip on how to copy paste , im kinda a newbie in blogging so this little piece of information is very usefull for me.
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