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As bloggers, we often take time to study about SEO ( search engine optimization), Google’s page rank, and keywords, in order to get our posts ranking high in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Today’s Lesson

Sometimes I try to use keywords in my posts, but often that technique goes by the wayside, as I get to writing, and keywords and SEO are the last thing on my mind. Even though I don’t always concentrate on those issues, my blog still gets found.

Researching how my visitors find my blog, is something I do on a regular basis.

I recently noticed some funny and/or unusual search strings used to find my posts. Read the following search terms, and you’ll know, these visitors were not looking for a blog about blogging.

Here are some examples:

“wife sues husband -chicago”

“how much money for alienation of affection”

“blogging about wife”

“alienation of affection rules”

“how to get your wife to give affection”

These search strings took them to m my post titled “Wife Sues Husband’s Blog For Alienation Of Affection”

“list of profanity words” took them to “Blog Loses Massive Traffic Due To Profanity”

“how to save the mountains” and “candy mountain”, result in visits to my OM blog.

When writing the above mentioned posts, SEO and/or keyword density were not foremost on my mind, however, keywords and keyword density, played a part in attracting new visitors to my blog. My hope is that those visitors who found my blog in an “unexpected way”, may end up being “regulars”.

Whether you are a new blogger, or one who has been at for some time, having your blog “get found” is essential. Researching, and using keyword and keyword density is a “must” for achieving the goal of larger traffic numbers.

Today’s Assignment

Have you ever had funny or odd search strings that brought visitors to your blog?

Should a blogger change the way they write in order to incorporate SEO techniques?

Do you use keywords, keyword density, or other SEO techniques?

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  1. CatherineLNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – Those are some interesting search terms! It’s impossible not to attract some weird ones because the search often seems to pull words out of a couple of different posts.

    I get some really weird ones. Recently I have been getting a search for a rhinoplasty site (not sure if I’ve spelled it right). I was getting this search phrase: 4 U by Lawson.

    And when I checked it out, there is a Dr called Lawson who has a site called “rhinpoplasty for you”. So, I’m guessing most people don’t know how to spell rhinoplasty. But, they’re obviously interested in business too, or the wouldn’t click through.

    I don’t optimise my blog well, which is probably why I don’t get much Google traffic. I am beginning to make a conscious effort to optimise it now. But, I was reading on Aaron Wall’s SEO site yesterday that we should be optimising blogs differently to websites.

    He said the keyphrase in the title is definitely important, but rather than aiming for keyword density throughout the article – we should just concentrate on using the keyword near to the beginning of the post, then write the rest naturally.

    That would make it a lot easier.

    CatherineL’s last blog post..Are You Part of This Bungling Band of Bloggers?

  2. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Isn’t that funny how that happens. They may stick around your blog and get a good education in business…..and for free. I’m sure Dr. Lawson’s rhinoplasty isn’t cheap.

    With regard to key phrases, it’s hard to know what is actually true for blogs, as Asako once said she found that website and blogs were treated differently too.

    For my other blog, which is optimized a little bit more, I do find that using keywords does help, and I use them throughout the post, and try to put them in the last sentence as well. It also helps to get corresponding AdSense ads, too.

    Then too, it depends how dense the “market” is for the keyword you are using. And, if someone has a higher page rank, they may beat you every time.

    There are so many factors to consider.

    Barbara’s last blog post..How Keywords Attract A Larger Audience

  3. CatherineLNo Gravatar says:

    That is true Barbara. Sometimes, when there is less competition for a keyword, the competitors are actually better, because they’re good at SEO.

    I don’t know if you’ve tried this already. But to get an idea of what competition there is for a particular phrase, I always check to see how many actually have the phrase in their titles, by keying in: “allintitle: keyphrase here” on google and this tells you how many sites have it in their title.

    As for corresponding adsense – I gave up on it on my blog. Because my second name is lawson – adsense kept giving me ads about law all the time!

    CatherineL’s last blog post..Are You Part of This Bungling Band of Bloggers?

  4. I hear a lot about SEO, but I still don’t understand it. What does it mean when people say to use keywords? I don’t see how you could write a post without using words related to what you’re talking about. Barbara, your blog is about blogging, so you naturally use blog-related keywords. Unless you constantly refer to blogs as “thingies,” SEO as “internet lookup friendliness,” etc., aren’t you automatically using keywords?

    As for keyword density, I sometimes see posts that seem overstuffed with keywords. I know they’re doing it for the SEO benefits, but it’s annoying for humans to read.

    Should we use good keywords in our comments to help you out? 🙂

    Hunter Nuttall’s last blog post..The Science Of Being Great

  5. CatherineLNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hunter – it’s more about using particular keyphrases in a certain post. People talk about keywords, but they really mean keyphrases, because it’s virtually impossible to optimise for one single word. Also by using a specific phrase you can get more targetted traffic.

    For example, if you were going to write about interviewing, and you found that there was 3 million competing pages for interview advice and only 700 competing pages for interview mistakes, it would make more sense to include the phrase interview mistakes in your post.

    CatherineL’s last blog post..Are You Part of This Bungling Band of Bloggers?

  6. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Yes, knowledge of keyword density, is beneficial, in getting a post found.

    I have not used the Google service for checking keyword phrases in titles, but that’s a great idea. I’ll have to test a few of mine.

    Have you tried AdSense recently? I would guess you might get different type ads now that you are utilizing more SEO techniques.

    Barbara’s last blog post..How Keywords Attract A Larger Audience

  7. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hunter,

    For a new blogger, keyword density and SEO are probably the last things on your mind, however, it is something that becomes essential to getting your posts found.

    Yes, my posts will always have blogging keywords in them, but keyword density, is more of a matter of concentrating on one particular phrase per post. This one, could be “keywords” or “keyword phrases”. Personally I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it. Maybe I should.

    Stuffing keywords is bad too. Google looks at that as “spamming” a keyword, and could penalize a blogger for that.

    It’s funny you should mention using keywords in the comments, as that is how I got the hit on “list of profanity words”, as Ian had used that phrase in his comment in my profanity post.

    Catherine brings up a great point in her comment, as most people do not search by using one word only. You almost need to be a little physic and guess what words people might use to find your post.

    Although it does sound like it is defeating the purpose of being true to yourself in your writings, the study of keyword phrases can also inspire you to write on a subject by using a different angle.

    Barbara’s last blog post..How Keywords Attract A Larger Audience

  8. cool. i never really thought about key words. i just blog and somehow people find me. valid and great points! thanks.

    Natural Woman’s last blog post..Why I Blog

  9. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Natural Woman,

    Just think of how many more may find you if you were to integrate keywords.

    BTW: I like your “Why I Blog” post. I like reading what inspired others to begin their blogging journey.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Honorable Mention For A Mom Who Blogs