image of laptop for blog post on how do bloggers blogBlogging takes time out of our day.

For some, it’s just a few minutes, but for others, blogging can feel like a full-time job.

Today’s Lesson

How we blog can determine how much time we spend blogging.

If our computer is old and antiquated, it can slow us down. If we’re not comfortable working on a laptop, netbook, Smartphone or “pad”, that can slow us down, too.

With blogging, time is of the essence.

For me, I prefer using my personal computer.

My typing speed is fairly fast, however if my PC slows down or locks up, my blogging time begins to increase, making me wonder how much time I’d save if I had a faster computer.

Although I’ve tried blogging on a laptop and used a cell phone to check comments and post to Facebook, my preference is my home computer.

What about you?

Today’s Assignment

How do you blog?

On a PC? Laptop? Smartphone? Or other?

What technique(s) do you use to save time blogging?

Care to share?

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  1. BradNo Gravatar says:

    I blog from my laptop.

    I use to blog a bit from my iPod but its really hard to do a good blog post from.
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  2. Hi Barbara!! Happy Women’s Day!!!

    As for blogging…ohh when I started it was on the laptop..and then I used to pull my hair out when I needed to multitask and the laptop would hang. So I did a good wise thing, invested in a great home PC and now I do what I want with sometimes 20 windows open( i know not a good habit!).
    But yes, when I am on the move, I use my mobile phone…but only for absolute emergencies 🙂
    I swear I am not addicted to blogging…really I am not…. 😉
    Love you lots,
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  3. Hi Barbara – More often lately I am scribbling an extended post outline in a spiral notebook, then polishing the post itself from the WP dashboard on my MacBook Air. I get too frustrated with on-screen keyboards to post from my Nook or Droid browser, although I’ve done maintenance tasks from both (like approve comments, etc). I’m sure I could spend less time on each post, but after almost three years, I’ve found the best fit in terms of post length for me. Because I tend to write longer posts, they are less frequent. At first, this bothered me because it was the opposite of what was “recommended.” Whatever. Now, we just don’t care, and interestingly, subscriptions and reach just keep growing.
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  4. Kelvin KaoNo Gravatar says:

    I won’t attempt to blog on a touchscreen. That’s simply too much. I’ve edited posts on my iPad and that’s already difficult enough. I definitely need actual keyboard to type. That said, I am not so picky about what kind of computer I use as long as there is a normal size keyboard.
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  5. FriarNo Gravatar says:

    There’s nothing like a sterile boring office environment to inspire you to be creative. So I often blog at work.

    Of course, I’m not stupid about it. I don’t actually open up my blog and edit my post when I’m sitting at my desk. I just write to myself on email and send it home, where I’ll finish it later. So it looks like I’m still working.

    I’ve written some of my best stuff that way. 🙂

  6. Miss BeckyNo Gravatar says:

    I post from my laptop, sitting at my kitchen table, and since my blog is primarily a photo-journal with images, each post takes me a long time! or at least it seems that way. Especially if I’m adding prose to the post, which I’m doing more of lately. this is an excellent assignment Barbara! thanks, and have a beautiful day!
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  7. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    I blog from a laptop which does very well. I also like the pc but where I live, they dont last very long due to power ups and downs. I cannot imagine doing a blog from a phone, etc. Seems really tedious to me.
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  8. Laptop. Don’t have a desktop. Next choice would be Kindle, as it is easier to use than smart phone.

    I save time by preposting material and/or creating finished posts. I am also in the process of recovering lost Haw Creek Out ‘n About travel journal posts that I intend to publish on Exit78 on a periodic basis.
    Check out mike …. from my kindle’s awesome post.Carlos Irwin Estevez aka Charlie Sheen… acchhh!My Profile

  9. I use a good laptop.. and I tend to buy a new one every 2 years or so.
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  10. Henry GatesNo Gravatar says:

    I blog using my laptop.actually I’m used to it. I can type real fast on my laptop so that save my time.

    And yes Happy Women’s Day 🙂
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  11. AnnaNo Gravatar says:

    Of course, at home or in the office and at the computer. I consider blogging seriously and I will never post comments on the way to work or somewhere in the queue – I need to read the post, analyse it and produce the answer, not the phrase like ‘Cool! or “Good”.
    But I do use a laptop or my smartphone to check my e-mails.

  12. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    I use my desktop (6 yrs. old) and my netbook (10″ screen) interchangeably. All my pictures are on my desktop, so I use that for inserting my photos. When I got my netbook, I researched and “test drove” keyboards. I got the HP 1033 which I has a good sized keyboard, and I can touch type fairly accurately on it.

  13. SusanNo Gravatar says:

    Here, on the Mac, with a good size desk, a comfy chair and an awesome view out the window! I feel that writing a blog post, editing and adding photos deserves time and thought … the same when reading another persons blog and commenting. It’s all good, what
    ever works for you!

  14. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    I use my old – newly rebuilt desktop computer for most of my blogging and writing. I could not get used to the laptop I had, but have now traded that for a small mac air, which is magnificent for all the reading I do – but I am still learning how; slowly.

    My children are getting me to use my smart phone for more things and when I was out and about in February used it to comment on several blogs and I think I could get better at that too. I have some difficulty figuring out FB – even going through the old channels.

    I spend 4 hours a day M-F writing, researching, or commenting. I have other things I must get done – particularly job hunting right now. I am not good with the quick blog writing part and I do my own editing.

    I am taking a class right now to upgrade my credentials – wow are the other students proficient at using their laptops and pads in the classroom… how exciting – it is inspiring me.
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  15. Evelyn LimNo Gravatar says:

    I either use my Macbook Pro laptop or my home’s iMac. I try to be mindful about the time I spend on each blog post but not very successfully. However, mostly, I don’t spend all day on my computer.
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  16. Alien GhostNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I use a Netbook for all the computer related stuff, including blogging. Its small size is perfect for me to use it at home or on the go (which will be more as soon as the temperatures outside improve).

    So far I don’t have any specific blogging technique to save time, other than trying not to get distracted from the task at hand 🙂

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  17. The home desktop still works best, since it’s at home with minimal distractions, and the place is comfortable.
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  18. I have a laptop that I have set up in the office in my home. Like Betsy, my posts are usually longer – sometimes in various sections – so I don’t post as often. As she has found, my subscription and readership numbers have also been on a steady increase over the past year.

    I spend quite a bit of time reading other blogs and commenting. I have had to make some decisions about managing that time more effectively.
    Check out Amy@ Soul Dipper’s awesome post.The Secret to Why Men Don’t Ask for DirectionsMy Profile

  19. I worte a post about this (in french) last year, something along the lines of “Blogging takes time and efforts”. Some blog posts can be written in under an hour, but for most of the ones I seem to churn out, it’s 5+ hours. I write the blog in words, add the html tags in Dreamweaver and then finish it up in WordPress (adding images etc…). I also generally spend 1 additional hour proof reading it to make sure that it’s just right, but then again I have been know to be a bit *nally retentive 🙂
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  20. suzenNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara! I used to only use my home computer until last summer and I had only my laptop at the lakehouse. I guess since then I’m comfortable with it since I use it pretty much all the time for everything else.

    Blogging “time” is ongoing so I don’t much notice any huge chunk of time being spent on it. Whenever (its often) I think of something to blog about I do it right then, stick it in draft mode and go finish later. I like to have a few weeks scheduled ahead so that way there is zero pressure. Works for me!

  21. RoxyNo Gravatar says:

    Using an iphone for quick comments is the easiest, but it gets a bit of a drag typing on it. Laptop on the sofa at home is probably the best all rounder!

  22. HilaryNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara … I blog from my laptop – but write my posts in Word to transfer over .. but I need a keyboard and mouse .. otherwise I’m floundering. My posts are long – but seem to be appreciated and as long as everyone keeps coming over that’s all that worries me now .. I may not go back to more than once a week … April A-Z is coming .. so that’s 26 shorties! THAT will be interesting to be involved in and manage ..

    I publish comments from my iphone .. but I’ve found doing much more is too eye straining & I have good eyes – I’d rather keep them! Then reply to the comments on my blog on my return.

    The same with commenting on others’ blogs – sometimes (as now) I’ll type in Word and copy and paste over .. depending if I’m checking out what I’m saying etc ..

    Interesting reading everyone’s comments – Cheers – Hilary
    Check out Hilary’s awesome post.How a play came to be written Samuel Pepys- Robert Hooke My Profile

  23. Hi Barbara.

    I blog on a PC and in the summer I take my laptop out on my balcony. It’s an adjustment though, since 95% of the time I’m used to a big screen and my computer is much faster than the laptop.

    How do I save time blogging? When I first started blogging I would make a point of returning to a post where I’d commented to read the reply; I rarely get around to doing that now. When I’m feeling really short of time, I’ll scan through the comments in the comment section; sometimes not reading many of them 😎

    Did you change your favicon, or am I out to lunch? At any rate, me like.
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  24. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Great comments. Keep em coming….

    I thought of answering each of your comments individually, however the comments flow so naturally from one to the next, I didn’t want to insert my replies and interrupt the natural progression so I’m leaving a single reply on this post.

    I’m enjoying reading how you all do it. It’s fun to envision each of you blogging on your PCs, laptops, netbooks, Smartphones or pads, and no matter how you do it, you all manage to produce award winning content.

    I appreciate the time each of you has taken to share your means of blogging and like how it shows others, there is no one right way. It’s what works for us, personally.

    @Davina. The favicon is new. After making yours I realized I had never made one for this blog. 🙂

  25. Mandy AllenNo Gravatar says:

    Gosh, I hate doing anything on my phone. It’s really fiddly. Give me a big computer with a full size, angled keyboard any day! I trained as a typist and used to work on an old Olympia so my typing is better and quicker when I find myself back in that comfortable position with an angled keyboard. So laptops don’t work so well for me either, although I do use one when I have to. The keyboard s simply in the wrong position and it gives me back ache! Speedy blogging – I wish! I’m far too picky about what I’m saying and how I say it to be speedy, but I do have plenty of ideas and inspiration, and I think most of the slowness comes from having to try really hard to think of something to write about and then forcing yourself to write about it.

    Enjoy the journey.

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  26. JoychristinNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I write on my laptop..I don’t have room for a PC on the boat:) When I first began blogging, I didn’t have internet access or a computer on the boat, so that first year used a public computer with only one hour access a day–I found then that I maximized my time and now that I have access I probably get distracted far too often by FB and twitter and emails..
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  27. Hi Barbara!!

    For blog writing, posting, and photoshopping I use my little Netbook by Acer, but it’s pretty slow. So for blog reading and commenting I generally come here to the library where the computers are lightning-fast, and my login info is remembered from blog to blog.

    Whooohooo! Gotta love the library, and it’s only 5 minutes from my home.

    Yes, blogging can take a LOT of time, like a fulltime job if we let it be. Which is fine if it IS your fulltime job. 🙂 Or fine if it’s a great hobby.

    Check out Jannie Funster’s awesome post.Funny Typos — 20My Profile

  28. carynNo Gravatar says:

    I just blog for fun so I use my PC at home since I’m a “jammie blogger”. I often write my posts in my head when I’m getting ready in the morning or driving in the car. I have always enjoyed “writing in my head” and my blog gives me somewhere to actually put it! I think it would be incredibly difficult to write for a living. Hats off to all of you who do it!

  29. Mobile PhoneNo Gravatar says:

    me too use my lapy. ( i mean laptop ) for blogging, and it is very nicely working.

  30. Sous VideNo Gravatar says:

    Using a smartphone would be a bit of a nightmare to do something like blogging I would have thought. Having said that, I’ve not seen any apps that support it… I guess WordPress etc have an iphone app?

  31. DanaNo Gravatar says:

    Most of the time, it’s from my home office PC but if I’m dealing with writer’s block, I grab my laptop and head for a coffee shop or a scenic spot. About a year ago, I spent the bucks and bought a top of the line laptop (small and light enough to fit in an oversized purse and at the same time, loaded up with a fast processor and additional RAM)…and it’s a dream to work on when I’m traveling. Still I love my desktop PC — mainly because it’s connected to my speedy and sturdy laser printer, allowing me to print out my draft post and edit quickly with simple pen and paper.

  32. David JobbNo Gravatar says:

    For me it does feel like a full time job, but I enjoy it so much that it’s not really a problem.

  33. GlocksonNo Gravatar says:

    It is all about being original and articulate. I see tons of blogs on a daily basis, with only a few that spark my interest, like this one 🙂
    Stay original. For me, I need dual monitors, full keyboard, and a nice comfy chair 🙂

    Thanks for the post.
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  34. AmberNo Gravatar says:

    I write from my desktop, but I’ve been working on other people’s projects and school papers much more than my blog since I’ve had the desktop. I used to keep a Notepad file with templates for certain types of posts (reviews and such), but I haven’t re-created it since my old laptop crashed.
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  35. I have four tools in my writing toolkit:

    1.) My moleskine notebook,
    2.) WriteRoom (app) for mac,
    3.) A timer
    4.) Pandora (it helps me concentrate for some crazy reason)

    I jot notes in my moleskine daily: post titles, bullet points, quotes, etc. At night (or mid-afternoon), I start writing my post in WriteRoom and I set a timer to stay on point. Every 10 minutes or so, I give myself a break to stop writing and proofread or stand up to stretch and think before hitting the keyboard again.

    Then I hit publish and off we go, I have my post for the day 🙂

  36. DominiqueNo Gravatar says:

    I prefer to blog on my desktop…it’s a faster machine than my laptop, I have access to my photo editing software, it has an ergonomic keyboard (which increases my typing speed), and I don’t really want to spend my time on the road blogging when I could be collecting materials and photos for future travel stories 🙂
    I share Ricardo’s affection for the moleskine notebooks-great for taking notes, and I like that little pocket in the back of mine where I can tuck a few biz cards or paper scraps that I might pick up along the way.
    Check out Dominique’s awesome post.Michigans Port Sanilac Lighthouse lights Lake Hurons southwestern coastlineMy Profile

  37. SineaNo Gravatar says:

    I blog on a PC but I do have a slower laptop, as well. I use the laptop when I have been spending too much time in my office and not with my family. If I have a deadline, I take the laptop into the familyroom and do simpler things that require less thought. The writing that requires peace & quiet has to be done in the office.

  38. i think that the most imporrant this is to feel comfortable when blogging. I just use my laptop and take a break when feel tired:) thats all:)
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  39. JustineNo Gravatar says:

    I use my laptop in blogging. The ease of blogging anywhere gives me comfort. Like I can go anywhere, just blog and be able to share. Most of the time, I blog in my bedroom but sometimes, my bed invites me to take a break which happens to be a nap (too bad!). That’s why, laptop is really ideal for blogging because I can be anywhere to keep my mood and blog. I have tried using my iPod but I had a hard time typing because I got used to laptop. Thanks a lot Barbara! I feel good being able to share this in your blog.

  40. flowersNo Gravatar says:

    I write on a paper first using pencil and eraser. I always keep a small piece of paper and pen with me , whenever I get ideas i write it in a bullet point , that’s how when I start writing I use those bullet points. Let me know how if you like my blog:

  41. RickNo Gravatar says:

    For blogging I use a desktop and a laptop when travelling. On my smartphone I installed the WordPress app that I use to moderate comments when I am not near a computer.

    I have a small text file that I can bring up easily that I place notes about how to post a video, or other things I do not do very often. I have a “technical” page on my blog where I record code fragments I used to change the blog operation. This page is public so others can benefit from my additions. When I install a new theme I can use my Technical page to aid me in adding back the changes I relied on in the prior theme.

    In Gmail there is a “tasks” app built in. I use this to record small changes I want to make to my blog, ideas for posts, etc. It is right there whenever I read my mail.

    My 12 mega pixel photographs are too large to use on the blog so I run a script that changes the size of all my photographs I want to post to a smaller size (from 4000 pixels wide to 1500 pixels). Of course, when I upload WordPress then reduces the size for the post and thumbs.

    There are a lot of small technical things you can do to make life easier when blogging.
    Check out Rick’s awesome post.Till EverythingMy Profile

  42. peterNo Gravatar says:

    i just blog when im home when i sit in my nice chair and olways on mijn pc . i realy dont save time with blogging ( im slow ) olways whant to re check and re read my own blogpost.

  43. MatthewNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I blog from my 24 inch iMac. I do have a netbook that I use when I travel, but I find the iMac with its big screen very useful for every day work. Recently, the browser locks (Firefox is not performing well) and my blogging time is increasing. Kind of frustrating…
    To save time, I write my articles directly on the site. At least, it saves me some “copy and paste” moves.
    Check out Matthew’s awesome post.Diet to Go Coupon PromosMy Profile