Today’s Lesson

Two months ago, I started an experiment with Google AdSense, “ads for content”, ads.

As I stated in that post,

From this site, I have removed my Google Ads for Content, (which I had in the sidebar). Months ago, I read ( and I don’t know if this is true), that if you have more than one site, and they are all using Google Ads for Content, if one site’s ads are “lower paging ads”, they can decrease your payout for all of your sites.

This makes sense, as no matter how many sites you have, you only have one Google account. So, based on “averages”, that would compute.

So, like I said, for two months, I had no Google AdSense, “ads for content”, on this blog (as I believe, “blog” ads are probably low paying).

I watched to see if my EPC (earnings per click) for my OM blog, would increase.

You are probably wondering too.

They did not.

With that being said, although based on averages, it would/could compute, removing the ads for content from this blog, made no difference.

Having watched the “payouts”, it appears the amount for Google’s EPC, is partly based on the topic (keywords) of your post, and where your topic falls into the “highest paying keyword” categories. Page rank may also factor in, however, learning all there is about Google’s payout method, for “ads for content”, apparently is a highly guarded secret.

Today’s Assignment

Have you ever experimented with your Google AdSense, and gotten better results?

Have you noticed how your “ads for content” change, based on your topics?

Do you see your earnings increase/decrease, when you write about different subjects (keywords)?

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