In my journey of setting up this blog, and my blog, I gained tons of knowledge from other bloggers. The first website I found helpful was He writes on life’s issues as well as on blogging. I listened to a lot of his podcasts, and read many of his articles. He’ll go far in his career.

The second website I found helpful was Darren Rowse shares tons on information on blogging and it’s all free. He is well versed and how he explains things is quite easy to understand.

The third website I found helpful, especially as I was setting up WordPress, was Lorelle is what I call the “Queen of WordPress”. It appears she has had a lot of experience with blogging and knows WordPress like the back of her hand.

I also want to thank for supplying this blog “software” for free, as well as for the beautiful template I started with, and for the free Privacy Policy and Terms of Use statements. A lot of us probably wouldn’t be blogging if it weren’t for these generous websites.

An update, as of April 11th, I changed my theme, and want to thank Lisa Sabin-Wilson at for the one I’m using now. Unfortunately I messed with the HTML on my other theme and until I figure out how to correct that boo-boo, I have switched to the theme you’re looking at now. Update: As of June 17, 2007, I switched my theme to the current one, from It seems to be a better “fit” for me and my blog.

All of these websites are definitely worth checking out. All of these creative people and their websites/blogs have been most helpful to me. With that, to them, I say a big worldly “Thank You”.

Hint: If you add links to your blog, remember to test them. If you make an error, just go back to “Manage”, click on the “Posts” tab, then on “Edit” (this will bring your post back on the screen), make the necessary corrections, then hit the “Save” button and retest your links.

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