Should you write your posts using high paying popular keywords like mesothelioma? If depends on your theme,, but in most instances, incorporating “high paying” keywords into your posts would be difficult. And, make for content that wouldn’t hold your reader’s interest.

I’ve done some research on the most popular keywords. I don’t know how current this information is (it could be outdated), but one of the keywords that keeps popping up is “mesothelioma”. I didn’t even know what mesothelioma is, so I looked it up. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer, which can be malignant or nonmalignant, supposedly caused by exposure to asbestos. Why is this a high income paying keyword? Who knows for sure, but it’s probably due to law suits in regard to exposure to asbestos. And, asbestos, is supposedly another high paying ad keyword.

For me to incorporate words like mesothelioma, asbestos, New York attorneys, etc….(the list is long) into my blogs, would make for pretty boring reading. Not to mention, I’m sure my traffic numbers would plummet.

What I have found, is that I get hits based on the normal things I write about. On my other blog, I did a post about reviving and staining wicker furniture: Revive Wicker furniture. The searches that took readers to that post, were based on them searching for “reviving wicker” and “staining wicker”. I doubt that reviving, staining, or wicker are high on the list of high paying keywords.

Because I want my blogs to offer value, I will write about what I know. Yes, I will try to use my keywords often (but not too often, as I want my post to flow nicely), but I feel I’ll get more genuine traffic by writing about a variety of subjects.

When I’m researching online, I search for a variety of things. Today, for example, I was researching “how to clean brass”. I found a great site that gave me just the information I needed. Another example, last week my husband wanted me to research Terex dozers. I would imagine that if I’m researching a wide variety of things, so are other people.

I want to be true to myself, and write my opinions, what I know, or what I’ve learned. Since I don’t proclaim to be an expert in any field, but more of a “Jill of all trades”, my posts will reflect that.

With that being said, “mesothelioma”, isn’t a word I will be using very often.

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  1. LargineNo Gravatar says:

    it’s great job i am agree with you that keeps popping up is “mesothelioma” keyword.