I love finding free stuff. From the time I started my blogs, I have been amazed at how much free stuff is online to aid in blogging. First it was WordPress blogging software, then it was tons of plugins and widgets, and now I’m using a free Meta Tag Analyzer I found at Submit Express .

I tested both of my sites on their meta tag analyzer. I ended up making a few adjustments, plus added a robot meta tag to my OM blog.

Having researched meta tags, I know that not all search engines recognize them, but even if just a few do, I would like to know that I have included them in my blogs. Being a newbie to blogging, every little bit helps.

Submit Express also has several other freebies worth checking out.

I sure appreciates all of the support and free advice that has been extended to us newbies in blogosphere. I’ll be the first to admit, I could have never done it on my own.

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