Yesterday I wrote about How to Prepare For Uncreative Blogging Days

Today, I will piggy back on that post, and discuss how to determine if your post should be divided up, into more than one post.

By dividing a single post, into more than one post, will not only increase your “topics inventory”, but will give your readers, greater value.

Today’s Lesson

When we are posting to our blogs, we often feel inspired to share everything we know, with our readers.

However, are you sharing too much in one post?

If you are writing a post, you may automatically continue writing, because you are feeling very creative. Oftentimes, you may end up discussing more than one topic.

You may start writing about “how to read your blog statistics”, and before you know it, you have covered SEO (search engine optimization). You may even get include a little about keyword density.

Granted, all of the subjects relate to each other, however, you have now written what could have been three individual posts.

Readers often come to your site to find one bit of information. If you give them too much, they may become overwhelmed with all of the information.

A reader may scroll down your post, see that it is long, and not take the time to read it all. If they see terminology that doesn’t relate to their search terms, they may think your post isn’t relevant to their search.

Today’s Assignment

Look at the posts your have ready to publish.

Are they containing information on more than one subject?

Look at previous posts you have written.

Can you possibly rewrite them, and break them into two or more separate posts?

This is a great way of expanding your “topics” inventory.

Your readers may also thank you for being so explicit on one topic.

Drop me a comment and tell me what you found after researching your future posts inventory, as well as your past posts.

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  1. Ian DennyNo Gravatar says:

    I do this very often. I start to say just one thing, and end up saying 2, 3 or more as I go off on tangents.

    Will have to consider that!

  2. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Ian,

    It is easy to start on one subject, and get sidetracked.

    Often, I end up cutting and pasting (into a new post), after I reread what I wrote. But, that’s not all bad, as I end up with the start of a new topic.

  3. AsakoNo Gravatar says:

    I agree. I am trying out to make a Series, and it works well. What I did was, I basically wrote a huge almost 10 page article one day, and divided it up into 6 pieces. It helps you to have an inventory as well.

    I agree readers come to look for a very specific bit of information. When you do not have it in your article, they immediately bounce off. Doing a Series helps to reduce your bounce rate, because they at least click through all your related articles….

  4. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Asako,

    Doing a series is a great idea. If someone comes to your blog, at the beginning of your series, they are more apt to come back to read the rest of it, as well. That’s a great way to get repeat visitors.

    I’m looking forward to reading your series.