In January of 2008 I began showcasing new blogs and created a series named “New Blog Of The Week” (NBOTW). As my blog evolved, so did the series and I added some “not so new blogs”, too.

Although some of these bloggers have remained more active than others, by taking time to dig through their archives you’ll find great reading material on each and every one of them (provided they haven’t taken their blog down).

In the order in which they were showcased, they are:

  1. Natasha’s World by Natasha
  2. NezSez by Nez
  3. David by David Lano
  4. Three Weddings by Debbie Yost
  5. Bizlift Blog by Sterling Okura
  6. In My Heels by JEMi
  7. Admnistrative Arts by Jodith
  8. The Growing Life by Clay Collins
  9. Plain Talk – Ordinary Wisdom by Pat
  10. Creative Journey Cafe by Mark Penta
  11. Yes To Me by Akemi Gaines
  12. Kitchen Table Medicine by Dr. Nicole Sundene
  13. Success Soul by Shilpan
  14. Between Us Girls by Lori
  15. Golden Zen by Harmony and Ginger
  16. Life’s Little Inspirations by Wendi
  17. Be by David
  18. Happy Dogs Make Happy Humans by Kaye Swafford and Krystal
  19. On Simplicity by Sara
  20. Work Happy Now by Karl Staib
  21. Forced Green by Linda
  22. Abundance Blog by Marelisa
  23. MomGrind by Vered
  24. The Jungle Of Life by Lance
  25. Dr. by Dr. Cason
  26. Urban Pather’s Lair by Urban Panther
  27. Urbane Panther’s Den by Urbane Lion
  28. Rajaie Talks by Rajaie
  29. Tender Loving Elder Care by Linda Abbit
  30. Our Best Version by Ari Koinumra
  31. Writer Dad by Sean Platt
  32. Pun Intended by Bamboo Forest & Flying Llama Fish
  33. Blogger’s Lab by Sunil Pathak
  34. Avani by Avani
  35. Loving Pulse by Davina
  36. Motivate Thyself by Eric Hamm
  37. Blogger Dad by Blogger Dad
  38. Deeper Issues by Dot
  39. Exit 78 by Mike Goad
  40. Ribeezie by Ricardo
  41. Teach My Children Well by Dave Fowler
  42. Think Maya by Maya
  43. She-Power by Kelly Rigby
  44. Let’s Live Forever by Robin Birch
  45. Passing Thru by Betsy and Pete
  46. Face To The Sun by Grace
  47. Cath by Catherine Lawson
  48. Thinking Out Loud by Natural
  49. Hunter by Hunter
  50. Someday Syndrome by Alex Fayle
  51. Sources of Insight by J.D. Meier
  52. Jannie by Jannie
  53. All Is Within by Sharon
  54. October5 by Ryan and Sarah
  55. Be 4 Success by Neil
  56. Wisdom and Life by Miguel de Luis Espinosa
  57. Attraction Mind Map by Evelyn Lim
  58. PZ’s Money Makeover 2.0 website & free book from Paul Zilizer
  59. I Profit On Purpose by Mary Anne Fisher
  60. Patricia’s Wisdom by Patricia
  61. Spiritual Journey of A LightWorker by Patricia Singleton
  62. Porsidan by Jay Schrver
  63. The Ever Changing Thought by Scott Carver
  64. Pink Ink by Jewel
  65. Ulla Henning’s Weblog by Ulla
  66. Notes From the Voices by Jacqueline
  67. Communicate Value by Christine
  68. The Book Chook by Susan
  69. Matthew Dryden by Matthew Dryden
  70. Urban Monk by Albert
  71. Florida Mortgage Blog by Kevin Sandridge
  72. Balanced Immune Health by Craig Maltby
  73. The Journey Within by Netra
  74. Awaiting The Crown by Sarah
  75. Over Coffee by Barb Hartsook
  76. Barbara by Barbara Ling
  77. No Wordz – Photo Blog by Caroline
  78. Standing Still Photo blog by Tammy
  79. Travelin Local by Lisa
  80. Tumblemoose Writing Services by George
  81. I Hate My Message Board by Tracy
  82. Anti Social Development by Kim Woodbridge
  83. My Pursuit Of Happiness by Chania Girl
  84. Anxiety, Panic & Health by Mike Nichols
  85. Real Delia by Delia
  86. by AJ Kumar
  87. Think Like A Black Belt by Lori Hoeck
  88. Hope Springs Internal by Dani
  89. WpBlogHost by John Hoff
  90. Numb Nuggets by Chris

Sadly this series has ended, however, many of the blogs listed are still going strong.

Happy Clicking! 🙂