Today I upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1.

Today’s Lesson

Shortly after upgrading to WP 2.3.1, I proceeded to write a post.

As soon as I hit “Save and Continue Editing”, I received an error message that looked similar to this:

Table ‘wordpress.wp_xxxxxxxxxx(database)cat’ doesn’t exist]
SELECT c.cat_name FROM wp_post2cat p2c INNER JOIN wp_categories c ON p2c.category_id = c.cat_id WHERE p2c.post_id = 218

Hating to think I may have done something wrong, I scratched my head for awhile, and then proceeded to go to one of my favorite sources for information:, and searched for a similar error message.

Others had encountered the same problem.

I read what others had written, and what they had done to alleviate the problem.

Long story short, for me, the error was caused by my Google Sitemap plugin.

I proceeded to upgrade to the latest version (3.0.1), and my error message disappeared.

Today’s Assignment

If you tweak, update or change your WordPress blog, and receive an error message, go to, and do a search.

When searching error messages, you can also copy and paste part of the error message into your search bar.

Since others may have had the same problem, you may find a search result that answers your question.

Also, remember to save a backup, before making changes to your blog.

Happy Blogging! 🙄

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  1. CatherineLNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – it’s great that you managed to find a solution to the problem. That’s what’s so great about the Internet – you can usually find an answer to virtually any problem you have.

    You’re braver than me though. Installing WordPress was bad enough – I had to use Fantastico in the end. But, I’m terrified to upgrade it incase I lose all my posts.

  2. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:


    I also use Fantastico. I tried “doing it on my own”, but ended up with self created problems.

    The update was actually quite easy with my BlueHost account. I just clicked on Fantastico and followed the instructions. Prior to upgrading, I did a save on my computer, as well as a backup on BlueHost’s server.

    Making “technical” changes to a blog, can be intimidating, but I do think installing the WP upgrades is important as they do correct security issues, and are making improvements to their software, as well.

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