mommy blogger who does it all - wonder woman

I don’t know how she does it. She’s like Wonder Woman.

She’s a wife. She’s a mother of five boys. She writes on two blogs, is owner and administrator of a message forum, guest posts on other blogs, shares her voice on Twitter, maintains a FaceBook page and virtually meets up with other moms on Mom Bloggers Club. Whew!

When I met her through George’s Tumblemoose Writing Services blog, I was hooked after reading just one post.

When you read her work, you know she’s authentic. It’s like she’s thinking out load, and writing those thoughts. No stone is left unturned.

Prior to her first coaching lesson with Tim Brownson she wrote a post and discussed how she felt it should go. She titled it, “6 Things I Secretly Hope Are Included In Life Coaching”

…there were a few things that weren’t mentioned that I secretly hope are included.

1. Choosing a theme song for my life…

…Oh yeah, I forgot, Eye of the Tiger! Eye of freaking Tiger, man! I’ve been singing it all weekend to get pumped up. Tim didn’t explicitly tell me to do this, but it was sort of hinted at when he gave me some “intake forms” to fill out. Totally was looking for me to read between the lines there.

In her post titled, Shangri-La Diet – Week 25, she writes,

I’m not really a Mommy Blogger and don’t write much about my kids but one day I might have to do some sort of running diary of what it’s like to be at home with 4 children ages 1.5 – 6 all day long. Maybe in conjunction with some sort of fundraiser for me….

When she had a contractor coming to her house, she shared what she did before he got there in a post titled, My Brave and Inspiring Battle with Contrahension

Contrahension is a word my husband coined this morning to describe my feeling of anxiety surrounding appointments with service people in our home. Contractor + apprehension, get it?

She then goes on to say,

For today’s appointment I chose 10-12 [a.m.] because I figured it would give me enough time to tidy up but not too many hours of trying to maintain cleanliness. In an ideal world, this would just be a matter of putting the breakfast dishes away and making sure all the dirty socks were picked up from the bedroom floor.

I do not live in an ideal world.

Some of you have found her already, but for those who haven’t, here’s a blog that will make you laugh, make you think and will inspire you to subscribe. It’s I Hate My Message Board and is written Tracy.

Please join me in re-welcoming Tracy to the BWAB community.

Welcome Tracy.

I was going to say your tiara is in the mail, but with you being “Wonder Woman”, I see you already have a crown. 🙂

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  1. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara. You’re right, this is a great blog. Welcome Tracy. You’re an inspiration.

    I know how Tracy does it all with ease… and after reading her latest blog post… it’s clear she knows too. She’s been working with a life coach and knows her values. I love hearing more and more positive stories about life coaching.

    Davina´s last blog post..Morning Muse — Flock of Thoughts

  2. RibbonNo Gravatar says:

    I have visited Tracy previously and my first thoughts were that she is a woman living with a lot of love….. Giving and receiving.

    best wishes Ribbon

    Ribbon´s last blog post..Trivia…

  3. TracyNo Gravatar says:

    What a great surprise to wake up to! Thanks Barbara, I am overwhelmed. It sounds like a lot, but really I just added one kid at a time, so I’ve grown into the job.

    Oh, I am so flattered! I am going to dance around all day!

    Hi Davina, you are absolutely right. Working with Tim has been a wonderful opportunity but I am also extremely fortunate that there is nothing in my life preventing me from getting more of what I value.

    I am tired a lot but I think anyone with a toddler would be tired! Might as well be tired and doing things I love!

    Hi Ribbon, you made me tear up just a little, in a good way, because I am surrounded by love. I have a great family and friends and they are always there to cheer me on.

    Tracy´s last blog post..My values are what motivate me

  4. Great blog! Thanks for sharing it with us… and, you’re right, she is pretty amazing!

    Positively Present´s last blog post..who am i? who are you?

  5. Tracy! It’s very clear that you are indeed blogging from the heart! When we put ourselves out there, it can be a little bit scary. In fact, one of the reasons many I talk with give for not blogging is that they’re not willing to “go public” with their thoughts, feelings, and ideas concerning the world around them.

    You’re doing some great work, and I really do think your efforts stand as an example of how powerful work from “the contributor web” can be!

    Kevin Sandridge´s last blog post..Internet Marketing Companies Are They Really Worth The Trouble?

  6. Hi Barbara – I like this one! Great choice, and thanks for introducing Tracy. Five boys makes me tired just thinking about it. I’m glad I took the cheap way in to a large number of children. 🙂 I’ve followed her on Twitter just now, looking forward to 140 character gems, too!


  7. Writer DadNo Gravatar says:

    I haven’t known Tracy long, but I can testify to her awesomeness. Tracy you are funny and engaging, and I am happy to know you.

    Writer Dad´s last blog post..What LOST Has Taught Me About Writing Great Copy

  8. CarolineNo Gravatar says:

    Welcome Tracy! You sound like my kind of gal! I love a straight shooter with a sense of humor! Can’t wait to explore your blog more…and from what I have read here…I know i’ll love it!

    Enjoy the reign!

    Caroline´s last blog post..Hey sexy…

  9. Tracy is one of my favorite bloggers. I’m enjoying her recent blog posts on her life coaching sessions with Tim Brownson.

    Vered – MomGrind´s last blog post..54 Tips For Green Living – Earth Day 2009

  10. Great pick! Even on Twitter, Tracy is very funny and genuine and sharp. Barbara, you pulled some great blog excerpts, too.

    But when it comes to the headline, I have to ask Tracy: Do you really do it all with ease? You seem to be too real to even pretend that’s the case. Besides, if you did it all with ease, I bet your pool of funny material would drastically shrink. 🙂

    Kristin T. (@kt_writes)´s last blog post..How do you define a “real job”?

  11. TracyNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Positively Present – thanks for stopping by IHMMB!

    Hi Kevin Yesterday I realized it is scary and intimidating to put yourself out there, but I feel even worse when I don’t. So, why not give it a shot? Thanks so much for the kind words!

    Hi Betsey! I’ve always loved your av. Five boys is tiring but we have so much joy we wouldn’t have it any other way. Heh, only four of them live with us full time, my oldest divides his time between our home and his father’s – of course, he’s the one that can pretty much take care of himself!

    You know, because raising 4.5 boys is so much easier than 5.

    Hi Writer Dad! You, too. I really love how wide my circle is getting and seeing how many mutual friends all of us bloggers have.

    Hi Caroline. Thanks! I am honestly super giddy with excitement. I was going to try and play it cool, but no, I am 100% hyped and will probably print this out to put on my bulletin board.

    Hi Vered! Oh mah nah! Thank you!

    Tracy´s last blog post..My values are what motivate me

  12. Barbara,
    I like how you make the connections 😉

    Alik Levin |´s last blog post..150 Ways To Break Into Your Blog (Hacking For Dummies)

  13. TumblemooseNo Gravatar says:

    HAHA! Oh Barbara, I am going to get a LOT of mileage out of the “Wonder Woman” thing!

    Tracy is one of most favorite peeps! She is one of the funniest writers I know. Um, in a good way too. And she just has to be one of the busiest people on the planet.

    If you are not following Tracy on Twitter – you’re missing out
    If you are not subscribing to her blog – you’re missing out.
    If you’ve not been to I Hate My Message Board forum – you’re missing out.

    Excellent choice, Barbara.

    Hi Tracy! *smiles and waves*


  14. Evelyn LimNo Gravatar says:

    Mother of 5 boys and blogging for more than 1 site? Whew!! I can barely cope with 2 girls! I wonder how she does it! Off to check out her site! Thanks for the introduction!

    Evelyn Lim´s last blog post..Confessions Of A Shopaholic Ego

  15. LanceNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats Tracy on this honor! I’m off to check out your site – if Barbara likes you, I know I will too! Very cool!!!

    Lance´s last blog post..Foresaken

  16. TracyNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Kristin! Thanks for the compliment. I don’t do it all with ease – the biggest part is I don’t do it all, there are tons of things I’d like to do that I just don’t have time for or can’t do with two small ones with me all of the time (the bigger boys are in school at least half time).

    One of the best things I’ve learned is not to feel too guilty or frustrated by this. I am on my own time line that works for me and my family. The great thing about blogging is that it’s something I enjoy immensely that I can do around my schedule.

    With ease? Nobody’s job is easy! The thing is, if I plopped any one of you into my life, the first week you’d cry yourself to sleep but by the second week, you’d have figured out how to do it efficiently and wonder what the big deal was!

    Hi Alik! Isn’t Barbara amazing? I love the way she’s pulled together such a diverse community.

    Hi Tumblemoose! Thanks for the hearty endorsement! And for mentioning the forums, I’m really looking forward to seeing where I can take those. Right now, my goal is to hit 1 million page views per month by July.

    Hi Evelyn! You know what? I honestly think that the first child is the most difficult and each one after that is progressively easier. Well, except my 20 month old. He is something of a wild child. I think if I JUST had him my life would be just as hectic. He’s amazing.

    Hi Lance! Thanks! I hope you like the site. Please beware of any entries marked “Museum of Snack Foods” Some of them are scary!

    Tracy´s last blog post..My values are what motivate me

  17. HeatherBNo Gravatar says:

    I’m the mother of three, and I’m still not into a routine. I do love Tracy though! She might drag me kicking and screaming into the new century yet! (I still haven’t subscribed to twitter for example)

  18. MayaNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara, really, thank you for this.

    Tracy, your blog is wonderful – I was touched, moved and educated by your autism day post. More power to do for doing everything you do. People lke you inspire me and send shivers down my spine – in a good way 🙂

    Congrats on BWAB honor – you will soon realize how wonderful it is to be a part of this community – if you don’t already know! Barbara is as good as they come, really!

    Maya´s last blog post..The Calm Fire : A journal entry

  19. She sounds really, really awesome! Deep AND humorous, a must-read sounds like.

    Jannie Funster´s last blog post..Jannie’s Fine!!

  20. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Davina – She’s good, isn’t she? Like you, I also enjoy reading her posts about her life coaching lessons. You coaches are the best.

    Hi Ribbon – Definitely. She is living with tons of love.

    Hi Tracy – You’re very welcome and very deserving. Ever since I found your blog, I’ve enjoyed your posts. Your honesty and humor warm my heart.

    Hi Positively Present – You’re welcome. Enjoy!

    Hi Kevin – I agree. Tracy’s words are very powerful.

    Hi Betsy – You’re welcome. Haha. I also took the “cheap” way.

    Hi Writer Dad – I’m with you. Tracy is awesome.

    Hi Caroline – Yes. You’re going to love Tracy’s blog. She’s great on Twitter, too.

    Hi Vered – Those are great posts, aren’t they (sessions with Tim)

    Hi Kristin – Thank you. The excerpts really don’t do Tracy’s writing any justice. I love her work.

    Hi Alik – Thank you.

    Hi George – Thank you. I’m with you. Tracy is a fabulous blogger and Tweeter. We all should follow her.

    Hi Evelyn – You’re welcome, I tell you, she is like Wonder Woman.

    Hi Lance – You’ll love Tracy. I know you will.

    Hi Heather B – Have no fear. Both Tracy and I will hold your hand when you do subscribe to Twitter.

    Hi Maya – You’re welcome. And, thank you for giving Tracy such a warm welcome. I truly appreciate that.

    Hi Jannie – Oh yes. A must read.

  21. TracyNo Gravatar says:

    Hi HeatherB! I know you!

    Hi Maya! Thanks for the kind words about my blog post about my son. I am really proud of him and was just blown away by how much help I got from this community in spreading the word about Autism Awareness Day.

    Hi Janine! Thanks for the compliment!

    And Barbara thanks again for spotlighting me. I had a ton of fun and was just tickled pink. I will probably not stop smiling ever!

    Tracy´s last blog post..A WHOLE chicken in a CAN

  22. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    Perfect excerpts Barbara.

    Welcome aboard Tracy!

    J.D. Meier´s last blog post..Finding Your Process

  23. thinkdaveNo Gravatar says:

    I recently found IHATEMYMESSAGEBOARD via Twitter. Seriously, add Tracy to your feedreader (well, add her feed). Well written, witty and something else beginning with a W that I can’t quite think of…

  24. TracyNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you so much J.D. and think Dave! I’m seriously printing out this post and comments and putting it on my bulletin board above my desk for motivation!

    This has been fabulous!

    Tracy´s last blog post..This is how we learned to be writers

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  26. JeannetteNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog — a keeper!

    Jeannette´s last blog post..Writers Are Doin’ It For Themselves — A guest post by Vincent Eaton

  27. I’m new to checking out her blog, but so far she has me laughing.

    RC – Rambling Along…´s last blog post..Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever