I recently added the “Digg This” button to my blogs.

The “Digg This” button is great for blog authors to use, if they want to encourage readers to submit their stories to Digg.

Submitting your posts to Digg, may help to increase your readership, thus increasing your traffic counts.

As quoted by Digg, using the “Digg This” button will:

# Encourage users to submit new content from your site to Digg. We’ll detect if the content exists already and provide either a Submit or Digging interface
# Display the real-time Digg count for content already on Digg
# Support News, Video, or Podcast content.

Adding the “Digg This” button is very easy. It’s just a matter of inserting the following code where you want the “Digg This” button to appear.

<script src=”http://digg.com/tools/diggthis.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

The Digg website offers other options for having your posts “dugg”. Their site is just a click away at Digg.com.

While on the Digg site, scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find links to “How Digg Works”, “Frequently Asked Questions”, “The Digg Store”, and much more.

Joining Digg is free and easy. Just fill out a short form, and you’re on your way to being “Dugg”.

If you want to get started at getting “Dugg”, you can also submit your own posts. Just follow the simple instructions, and be the first to Digg your post.

Digg is a great site to read what others are writing about, what others are “Digg”-ing, is great for social networking, and is a site that contains some great offbeat news.

Start Digging! 🙂

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  1. Brian LinkNo Gravatar says:

    for those interested, there’s a detailed set of instructions at http://www.digg.com/tools/integrate with a more complete syntax including the ability to provide defaults, like this:

    digg_url = ‘WEBSITE_URL’;
    digg_title = ‘TITLE’;
    digg_bodytext = ‘BODY’;
    digg_topic = ‘TOPIC’;

  2. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:


    Thank you for the comment.

    I’m sure my readers will enjoy the link to Digg “tools” , where they can explore the additional information you have provided, and utilize other options to integrate Digg into their blogs.