Yesterday I was messing around with my other blog’s ( theme editor as I wanted to change some of the ads. When I was copying and pasting, I thought, ” I should really save a of copy of the existing “code”. You guessed it, I didn’t follow my intuition, and ended up messing up my blog theme so that I couldn’t even access it.

I ended up going back to “step 1” and reloaded the theme, deleted the one I messed up, and then had to replace all of my ads. No, I wasn’t happy about this, but it did teach me to copy, paste, and save the original HTML code to Notepad. That way, if I mess up again, I have it at my fingertips.

The “plus” that came out of this was, I actually knew what I was doing when I reloaded the theme and deleted the bad one. Practice makes perfect.

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