Recently, I noticed that Catherine, had added a new plugin to her great business blog.

It is called “Comment Luv”

The Comment Luv plugin, when activated, inserts a link to your most recent post, when you leave a comment on a blog that has the CommentLuv plugin activated.

Today’s Lesson

I have been analyzing the CommentLuv plugin to determine if it will, indeed, bring traffic to my blog,

Based on my stats, since Catherine activated it on her blog, I am seeing my referral traffic, from Catherine’s site, increase.

Here’s how the plugin works:

1) I leave a comment on Catherine’s blog.

2) I check the box that reads “enable CommentLuv” (if it’s not already checked)

3) After I hit “submit” or “submit comment”, a link is created, at the bottom of my comment, to the most recent post I have published.

4) Readers of Catherine’s blog comments, can click on the link, and come and visit my blog.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

But….it gets even better.

Here’s another example.

Let’s say that you publish a new post every day. And…….being the loyal visitor that you are, you visit and comment on my blog posts every day. For each day you comment, a different link is created. On Monday, the link is to the post you published on Monday, on Tuesday, the link under your comment is to the post you published on Tuesday, and so on……..

How cool is that?

That, to me, is a priceless way of letting others know about your new posts.

Even Google may not update your site that quickly.

The CommentLuv plugin, is a real keeper.

Since we have been learning about the importance of commenting. over the past two days, the Comment Luv plugin becomes the icing on the cake.

Think about this: This plugin is a win-win.

Blog authors may see an upsurge of comments, and commenters should see an increase of referral traffic to their blogs.

Having seen the results of this plugin, I now have it activated on my blog.

Leave a comment, and see it in action, for yourself.

Thank you Catherine, for introducing me to this great plugin!

Today’s Assignment

Follow this link to the Comment Luv plugin. CommentLuv Plugin

Follow the instructions, and download it for use on your blog.

For this plugin, we will thank the creator: Andy Bailey

Great job, Andy!

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  1. I noticed this on Catherine’s blog as well, and thought it would be a great way for commenters to get more referrals from their comments (or, I guess, less referrals if your headlines are terrible).

    But for the blog author, does it invite empty comments from people who just want to let people know about their latest post? What has your experience been? (I guess I’m directing that question to Catherine, if she’s reading this.)

    Hunter Nuttall’s last blog post..How NOT To Gather Useful Feedback From Customers

  2. I really like the Comment luv plugin but am scared of it hurting my site… as a compromise I do it on about 1/2 my sites and not on the others… it’s good for getting reader… bad for SEO… so I guess it’s all about what your going for

    Stock Trading Software’s last blog post..AbleSys Corporation Trading System Software

  3. Ian DennyNo Gravatar says:

    It’s an interesting point. I think the pros outweigh the cons. I thought it was a good way of rewarding the people that regularly comment on my blog. I actually want to see their latest post too.

    It could be abused with empty comments in time, but there are ways to combat that.

    I’ve not seen it that widely yet, but I do hope it catches on and is indeed not abused with empty comments.

    Ian Denny’s last blog post..Snapshot Survey – Another Prize For Those Respondents Who Were Late (Updated 21st January)

  4. The CommentLuv plugin brought me to your site, I was simply searching for reviews of the plugin and there you were and here I am. I run the plugin on my site, although I’ve not noticed an upturn in traffic yet, still hovering around 1000 uniques per day with 160 or so RSS subscribers, but then I only installed it last week…so who knows where it might take the site once word spreads.


    David Bradley’s last blog post..Tidy Your Desktop for a Productivity Boost

  5. Hi Barbara – I’m glad you’ve decided to try it. I love the plugin. It’s a brilliant way to reward vistors for their contributions.

    Hunter – to answer your question – I don’t really think it has made much difference. Commentluv generally tends to benefit those who take the time to write creative headlines. And they are usually not the types who make pointless comments anyway. It really is worth checking it out.

    Catherine Lawson’s last blog post..Blogging Thieves Get Total Of 127,169 Years

  6. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hunter,

    I did think of what would happen if people just started leaving the “great post” comments, etc, but since I can moderate the comments, if it were to get out of hand, I can either deactivate the plugin or disapprove comments I think are spammy.

    Stock Trader Software,

    Welcome to my site.

    I agree, the plugin is great for your readers. Plus, I am on a campaign to get new bloggers to start commenting, so this is a way to get their posts more exposure too.

    Hi Ian,

    I have not seen this used a lot either. The first time I saw it was on Catherine’s blog, then I say you had activated it too. I like that it gives other readers more insight on those that are commenting.

    Hello David,

    It’s great to see another new visitor. It’s also good to know my post was written such that it got a high search engine ranking. Thank you for sharing how you found my site.

    It sounds like your site has a fair amount of traffic. I’m thinking the plugin will bring more traffic, not only to those who activate it, but to those who leave comments on blogs that utilize the plugin.

    Hi Catherine,

    How’s that arm? Are you still typing one handed?

    I again say thank you for introducing me to this plugin. I’m not one to use a lot of “bells and whistles” on my blog (too much clutter and maintenance time), but this is one I liked from the start.

    And you are right. It does make you think about your titles…gives you a little bit of motivation to get creative. 🙂

    I had not heard that the plugin is bad for SEO…care to elaborate on that?

    Barbara’s last blog post..Comment Luv Plugin Increases Traffic

    • SEO WriterNo Gravatar says:

      I have to agree with you here, its all about what you are trying to accomplish with your blog. I’d like to minimize the amount of comments on the first page but on the particular blog entry that is absolutely fine. It just depends really.

      As a matter of fact, seeing that I’m an SEO Writer, ill try and write a piece on the importance of the inlink/backlink ratio. I think it could be useful to learn a little about how you can use this plug in and have it not affect the seo on your site.

      Tony Tovar
      SEO Writer and SEO Specialist
      .-= Check out SEO Writer´s awesome post: Blogger Success without SEO! =-.

  7. Ian DennyNo Gravatar says:

    David’s comment interests me. Word must be spreading.

    And do you know what? I’m about to check out David’s site because of his intriguing last post title! And his isn’t a frivolous comment.

    Maybe though it will start getting spam comments as its popularity grows? Let’s hope it stays under ground – but I doubt it will!

    Ian Denny’s last blog post..Snapshot Survey – Another Prize For Those Respondents Who Were Late (Updated 21st January)

  8. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Ian,

    David’s site looks interesting. I’m going back there in a bit, and check it out.

    I’m not too worried (yet) about spammy comments. With WordPress I can easily edit comments, by taking out the CommentLuv link, and/or marking the comment as spam.

    For now, I’ll just keep a close eye on it.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Comment Luv Plugin Increases Traffic

  9. Hi

    I definitely wasn’t spamming. Like I said, I found your post through a Google search of blogs for reviews of this plugin. The title of your blog is quite catchy too…

    Just reading your About page, I have to admit I do vaguely remember Neil A stepping on the moon and making the biggest verbal typo in history, but the assassination of JFK is way before my time (well three years…)


    David Bradley’s last blog post..Tidy Your Desktop for a Productivity Boost

  10. Hey Barb,
    I really love the theme too but I think they are a little different. Court from edited the theme you use to make this “keyword Sniper” theme. Thanks for dropping in!

    Stock Trading Software’s last blog post..Using eSignal Trading Software

  11. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi David,

    I just left your site, which I found quite interesting. I like your post on Social Bookmarking. You sure got some great reactions from your commenters.

    Yes, my “about page”…it lets my readers know I’ve been around for awhile, seen a lot, and am always looking forward to learning more. I’m sure some will say….”What year was that?” 🙂

    Thanks for your return visit. I knew you were not a spammer, as checked your website, (and a good one it is) prior to approving your comment.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Comment Luv Plugin Increases Traffic

  12. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi DeMerch,

    I didn’t check the themes as closely as you did (I’m not that observant, at times), but I do like the “cleanliness” of them.

    See you in cyberspace.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Comment Luv Plugin Increases Traffic

  13. Almost related…

    There’s another neat plugin called “Most Commented Posts”, it’s actually a widget that you can render in your sidebar, or wherever. What it does it display links to the most commented posts (surprisingly enough) on your site. Now, I’m not sure I’d leave something like that displayed permanently, but what I did for my science site ( was to run it once set to max (actually I hacked it so it would display 20 not 10) and cut and paste the list of top commented posts into an all-new post of their own.

    Add a bit of blurb telling readers that these are the most talked about posts and you’ve got a way of “leveraging” (actually I just mean using) your back catalog. Sciencebase has over 1200 archived posts so that’s a reasonable number to draw on.

    Another fab tip from the desk of db 😉


    David Bradley’s last blog post..Tidy Your Desktop for a Productivity Boost

  14. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

    I’ll be back on your site and check out your “most commented posts”. That sounds fascinating

    What I’ve done to show my most commented posts, was use a plugin called “Top Posts by Category”, which I can edit. I placed it in my left sidebar, and then I renamed it to: “What Others Are Reading”, and it shows how many comments are attached to the each post. I also like it as the comments increase on some of the newer/older posts and they change positions. So far that seems to be working pretty good, as I’m getting clicks on many of them.

    Personally I love reading a post, and then the comments. Some commenters take the subject matter to a different level, and the knowledge you can gain, is phenomenal.

    From visiting your site, I see you have been blogging for a long time. I imagine in your archive of 1200 posts, I’m going to be able to find lots of valuable information.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Barbara’s last blog post..Comment Luv Plugin Increases Traffic

  15. Hi Barbara – typing is not too bad, but I can’t complete today’s post. Hopefully in the morning.

    I’m not sure about comment love and SEO. I link out quite a lot anyway and I know that has hammered my Page rank. But, then the famous SEO people tell you how to increase your page rank in one breath, then say page rank doesn’t matter to the ranking of your site in the next.

    It’s so confusing – and I still think content is what matters most. You can do all the SEO in the world, but if you don’t provide good content, nobody will come back.

    I suck at SEO though. I have read a lot about it but, I find it so difficult to write for the search engines. And i still think the whole system is flawed.

    Catherine Lawson’s last blog post..Blogging Thieves Get Total Of 127,169 Years

  16. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Hopefully your arm gets to feeling better fast. I miss your daily posts.

    I have to agree with you about SEO.

    It’s like life. Ask 10 different people, and you get 10 different answers. And rightly so…each of us is entitled to our opinion.

    On Google’s site, they confirm that we should write for our readers and not for the search engines. Now I do think a little keyword density can help to get a post found, however, I would hate to totally distort the content of a post, worrying about it. If I’m writing a post and it is not conducive to keyword density, I publish it anyway. In time, good posts will be found.

    Yes, the page ranking/SEO system(s) are flawed, but in the meantime, if we want to blog or own a website, we just have to accept it.

    Watch for my post on Friday, as I will be asking one of one of those “thought provoking” questions about page rank.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Comment Luv Plugin Increases Traffic

  17. I use it on my blog, and it works well; however, when I leave comments on others blogs it has been leaving posts that I’ve written weeks ago. I’m not sure what that is about. I really haven’t had the time to follow up with Andy to see why this is happening. It is a great plugin.

  18. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Welcome to my blog, Opal,

    When I visited your blog, I noticed you were using this plugin too.

    It believe, on Andy’s site, he mentions a way to “make adjustments” (for lack of a better term) to the plugin so that it shows your “post of choice”. His forum might also have the answer you are looking for.

    Hopefully you get it to work for you, as I would like others to have a direct link to your great writings. For now, they can click on your name and pay you a visit.

    See you soon!

    Barbara’s last blog post..Comment Luv Plugin Increases Traffic

  19. NicoleNo Gravatar says:

    One reason I miss my WordPress blog, but maybe someone nifty comes up with a Plugin that works on mine, combined with WordPress 😛

  20. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Nicole,

    WordPress does have it’s advantages, doesn’t it. Hopefully it won’t be long before your blogging platform offers something similar.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Comment Luv Plugin Increases Traffic

  21. Barbara,
    It was a mystery to him also. I installed the plug in around three months ago. My posts, on other people’s blogs, started acting whacky about one month ago. However, everyone else who posts on my website are fine. It’s very odd. I’m just happy everyone else’s post are working fine on my blog.

  22. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Opal,

    That is strange that you are having that problem, and even Andy can’t figure it out.

    I did notice that he did an update on 12/29/07. That might have something to do with it. You could try a “redownload”. Uninstall the old one, then reinstall. Maybe that would work???

    Let me know if you get it figured out. In the meantime, if I come up with any other ideas, I’ll let you know.

    Barbara’s last blog post..What if Google Added “This” To Determine Page Rank

  23. It has something to do with feedburner at times it adds additional characters to the feed. The plug in is supposed to redirect this info automatically but for some reason it’s not doing it. I have noticed that some others are experiencing the same issue.

    I did notice that my feed doesn’t appear on your website. That has something to do with your hosting provider. I’ve noticed this on a few other websites.

    Thanks for the concern. 😉

  24. Mike GoadNo Gravatar says:

    It wasn’t comment love that brought me here.

    It was your visit — and comment — on my site. Again, thanks!

    I’ve seen the plug-in on several sites recently. I’m not incorporating it at this time as I am not making any blog modifications for the near term. (I’m working on one of my static sites and any “development” or change work is being done there. I’ve got a couple of other sites in line after that. Once I’m done tweaking them, the next revision of WordPress should be out and then I’ll tweak on some blogs.)

    Mike Goad’s last blog post..An Orchid in Winter

  25. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Mike,

    Welcome to my site. And, you’re welcome.

    As you know I found your site, via Catherine’s.

    CommentLuv does work good to show others what each commenter has posted, so I find that to be a great way of expanding our community.

    I’m getting ready to do my upgrade to WP 2.3.2. Hopefully everything will work as it should, after the upgrade.

    Barbara’s last blog post..What if Google Added “This” To Determine Page Rank

  26. I have it on my blog too. I don’t leave comments just to get a plug though just because they have that…it’s nice to read the post titles thought. 100% of the time I do click on the ones left on my blog.

    can you delete me other comments. sorry.

    Natural Woman’s last blog post..Meet the Bloggers

  27. RashyNo Gravatar says:

    I first noticed this plug in when I visited either your site or Catherine’s (and then found the others through the plug in). I think I am going to add this plug in on my site when I update the design (hopefully coming in a week or two…)

    I have to agree with you completely on the usefulness of this plug in on finding other people’s blogs. Seeing the title really helps me decide on whether or not I want to visit.

    Rashy’s last blog post..Anonymous gang-banging Scientology

  28. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Rashy,

    As you know, I do love this plugin. It helps to build a community of bloggers, which often leads to cyberspace friendships.

    Barbara’s last blog post..If Content Is Queen, Where Is She Hiding

  29. Thanks for teaching me. I had no idea it saved your comment in the sands of time :O

    Elliott Russell’s last blog post..Challenge: Drink Only What is Free

  30. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Elliott,

    That’s pretty neat hey?

    Glad you enjoyed the lesson

  31. […] Blogging Without A Blog Barbara Swafford writes a great article about a WordPress Plugin that gives peoples comments a little bit of love! I have just installed it – thanks for the heads up Barbara! […]

  32. DJNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve used comment luv on my site for a few weeks and I’ve found that people really like using it. It helps drive traffic to similar sites in our sports niche. Great post!

    Do you know of any other plug-ins that go with comment luv?

    DJ’s last blog post..My Abridged NHL Playoff Predictions

  33. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi DJ,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    The CommentLuv plugin is great for like minds to find each other. I have used a “do follow” plugin in conjunction with the CommentLuv, but it doesn’t appear to be working correctly. I have to do more research and find one that will allow the links to be followed on WordPress.

    I checked out your sports blog. It’s very professional looking. Although I’m not a sports fan, your posts appear to be extremely informational.

    Happy Blogging!

  34. JohnNo Gravatar says:


    I found your blog while searching for plugins that I should use for my first blog. I like the comment luv one so I’ll find it for my site.

    Do you or anyone else have any other plugin suggestions for my first site with wordpress?

    I am trying to figure out brians comments, but don’t have much else.

    Thanks! john

  35. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi John,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    The plugins you use on a new blog can vary. I would choose a good spam killer like Askimet (which is preloaded in WP). I would also suggest a sitemap plugin (I use Google sitemap generator), and maybe one for top posts.

    If you check my “plugins” category, I have also written about a few others that I use.

  36. JohnNo Gravatar says:


    THanks for the reply, I didn’t even look at the categories! Duh! I’ll read up on some of your posts, and thanks again!

  37. MsGrassNo Gravatar says:

    What a cool site. As a newbie in the blogging world am always looking for info to help the cause for all of us. Thanks for the commentluv plugin. Will be adding it to my own site this evening. Hopefully all you guys can come visit me for those backlinks.


    MsGrasss last blog post..Search Engine Optimization Tips

  38. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi MsGrass,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    You will enjoy the CommentLuv plugin.

    I’m headed over to your site right now.

  39. JonNo Gravatar says:

    I’m new to the do follow thing but it seems like it really does encourage commenting, at least on the blogs I’ve seen that employ it. Comment Luv is making it even better as are the “U Comment, I Follow” buttons I’ve been seeing around lately.

    Jons last blog post..Longhorn Bass

  40. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Jon,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    The CommentLuv plugin is great. It shows other readers what the commenters are writing about, and will often pique their interest enough to click on the link.

    I think it’s a great way to build community.

    I noticed you are linking to your guitar page. Do you also have a blog where you share your writings? If so, I’d like to check it out. Feel free to leave a link to it.

  41. chrisNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve been too lazy to do this and I’ve actually benefited from other people having this on their site. I have no excuse not to have this on my site.

    chriss last blog post..You Raise Me Up

  42. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Chris,

    It’s an easy plugin to install, and is great for community building.

  43. oktaNo Gravatar says:

    the greatest plugin i think to increase traffic the blog 😉
    thx for developer…

    oktas last blog post..Bocoran untuk rumah baruku

  44. To the person who asked about plugins – I like Keyword Luv, which helps your commentators both by increasing their traffic and by helping their SEO. It’s a pretty valuable tool, and I think my commentators are fans…

  45. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for sharing your recommendation for Keyword Luv.

  46. RobinNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Barbara – I’ve just installed CommentLuv. So am awaiting my first “luvved” comment! I thought it was groovy when I saw it working on other people’s blogs, but did not realize till Chris’s article that it was simply a plugin!

  47. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Robin,

    Great to see you here.

    You’ll love the CommentLuv plugin. It’s a great way to show your loyal commenters some link love, and also increase your community of fellow bloggers.

  48. I have to agree with Lee, the KeywordLuv plugin is a great one to add in conjunction with Commentluv. A surefire combo that should boost one’s comments.

    BlogMeTheMoneys last blog post..Adsense Alternatives: Part 4 of 4

  49. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Blog Me The Money,

    Welcome to the BWAB community

    Well now that’s two votes for that plugin. I’m going to have to check it out.

  50. Gert HoughNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for answering a burning question – I am excited about both the CommentLuv and the KeywordLuv plugin even before I really have tried them out on my brand new site. OK, I have installed commentluv allready but I still have to see it work 🙂

  51. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Gert,

    The BWAB community welcomes you. 🙂

    I’m headed over to your site. I’ll leave a comment so you can see CommentLuv in action.

  52. I am just beginning my new site and was curious about this plugin. After searching Google I ran across your site. You really seem impressed with CommentLuv plug-in.

    Have you noticed any increases in your traffic since implementing this plugin?

    Online Surveyss last blog post..Cash Paid for Online Surveys

  53. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Online Surveys

    Welcome to BWAB

    I do like CommentLuv. With regard to more traffic, I do think it has helped. But it’s not only helping my traffic, it’s helping anyone who comments here. If their blog post title sounds fascinating, my readers are more apt to click on it. So in that aspect, it’s helping my whole community.

  54. I am going to seriously have to consider implementing this plug-in. Thanks for such a quick response. I was just surfing through your site. I am really impressed.

    Online Surveyss last blog post..Cash Paid for Online Surveys

  55. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Online Surveys,

    Thank you for your kind words.

  56. SusanNo Gravatar says:

    I think commentluv is a great plugin 🙂

    Susans last blog post..BT Evolution

  57. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Susan,

    Welcome to my blog.

    I agree, it’s a superb plugin, and gives our commenters a chance to showcase their most recent posts.

  58. SimonNo Gravatar says:

    CommentLuv is very good for driving traffic, to your commentors sites, particulary if the commented on blog has do follow enabled. KeywordLuv is even better for driving traffic. Both are great for the blog owner to get more comments.

    Simons last blog post..Free Spock Star Trek Cartoon Vector Image

  59. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Simon,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    O.K, now you’re the third person who mentioned KeywordLuv. I have it on my to do list. Time to move it up to the top. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  60. hyrcanNo Gravatar says:

    From discovering a couple new blogs from the CommentLuv links on MomGrind and here I’ve decided to add it to my blog as well. I use Drupal and I’m happy to say that there’s a Module available for it as well. Though it doesn’t default the checkbox to checked… so I had to tweak the code a little, but it works beautifully.

    It’s a great idea that helps people find new blogs.

    hyrcans last blog post..Video Firday

  61. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hyrcan,

    Yes, CommentLuv is great for finding other blogs, and for letting loyal commenters showcase their most recent work.

    I think it’s a win-win. 🙂

  62. MarkusNo Gravatar says:

    Cool! I always though, well, maybe later 😀 but after this great review I’ll install it on my new German iPhone blog. Thanks

    Markuss last blog post..Kanadier schreibt offenen Brief an Steve Jobs

  63. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Markus,

    Welcome to the BWAB community! 🙂

    It sounds like this plugin will work great for your iPhone blog.

    I did check out your blog, but couldn’t read it (as it is written in German)

  64. ProphetNo Gravatar says:

    Very cool plugin. I may have to put this on my blog, just still have some concerns about what it will do for my SEO

    Prophets last blog post..Alcoa Earnings Preview

  65. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Prophet,

    Welcome to the BWAB community!

    I love this plugin, but haven’t a clue what it does for SEO.

  66. SusanNo Gravatar says:

    So, how’s the plugin working out for you?

    Susans last blog post..Linoluna

  67. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Susan,

    Welcome to the BWAB community!

    I’m loving how the plugin is working for me. What do you think?

  68. CommentLuv is a fantastic plugin for blogs as everybody wins. Viewers comment because they get a little something for it. The blogger wins by growing content from all the commentary. Only other suggestion I would have is to be sure the NOFF plug-in is installed first to remove the ‘no-follow’ and to consider adding the awesome KeywordLuv plug-in to provide more flexibiity for anchor text instead of using a name like I did in this post! ;o)

  69. Writer DadNo Gravatar says:

    I heart CommentLuv. Seriously, I’ve found a lot of great posts on a lot of new sites because it started popping up. Fantastic plugin.

  70. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Writer Dad,

    It’s a great plugin, isn’t it.

  71. I preferred use a blog that use comment love or dofollow blog (just like mine). It gives a link back to commentators, so it can makes others happy and visitting my blog again

    Drunken Dragon’s last blog post..WordPress 2.6 Got Hacked

  72. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Drunken Dragon,

    Welcome to the BWAB community. Yes, the CommentLuv plugin does give back to our commenters. It’s a great way to show our appreciation, isn’t it?

  73. I have just found out about this comment love thing and it is intriguing! I just hope that it comes out for blogger soon so that I can add it to my site!

    Canadian Finance Guy’s last blog post..100th Post! – GREEN INVESTING

  74. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Canadian Finance Guy,

    The CommentLuv plugin is awesome. I haven’t heard of anything like it for Blogger, but hopefully they add it soon.

  75. This is an addictive plugin!

    I think it not only encourages people to post comments, but to post quality comments because there is more in it for them.

    The Blogging Queen’s last blog post..Is 3 Way Linking Acceptable to Google?

  76. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Blogging Queen,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    YES, this is a great plugin. My readers love it as it showcases their latest work.

    BTW: I’ve been on your blog before. You’re doing a great job on educating your readers.

  77. My own blog at does not yet have the CommentLuv plugin but it is DoFollow for comments. I just discovered the KeywordLuv plugin (great idea!) earlier today, but sadly my theme seems to be incompatible. This probably doesn’t matter much, however; people seem to be doing a good enough job of putting their keywords in the name field anyway 🙂

  78. Hi,

    I’ve been using comment luv for a month now and am beginning to see a noticeable increase in traffic. I don’t know whether its because of the plug-in or other factors.

    Who else has noticed an increase of traffic?

  79. I agree commentluv is one of the best plugins I have seen. Totaly helps in increasing your blogs visibility.

    Tom “I make easy money online” Walsh’s last blog post..How to get free backlinks

    • Sydney HotelsNo Gravatar says:

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  80. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Synovate Paid Surveys,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    How does that work when people put their keywords in the name field? Does that create spammy looking comments vs someone using their own name?

    Also, what is the advantage of using keywords in the name field? Is it an advantage to the blog author, or to the commenter?

  81. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Horses for Sale,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    CommentLuv does help to increase traffic not only to our blogs, but to the blogs of our loyal commenters. Sweet!

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    Yes, it does help to increase visibility of our blogs and our current post.

  82. Smart BoyNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for the information on CommentLuv – gives me more reason to check it out. I’ve seen many that implement it; but haven’t heard a review, like yours, that shows its value.

  83. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Smart Boy,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    You’re welcome. Yes, the CommentLuv plugin is superb and one I highly recommend. Hope to see you here again soon.

  84. dhuwuhNo Gravatar says:

    can i take script for my blogspot?

    dhuwuh’s last blog post..Tips Membuat Widget TabView 3 Kolom ( 2 )

  85. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Dhuwuh,

    That is something I do not have the answer to.

  86. It’s not surprising that posts with Commentluv will attract comments, especially if the post is about Commentluv.

    A serious question, however…

    Since there are so many comments on one post, does the link juice value to all of the commentators become diluted out?

    Kermit Johnson’s last blog post..Apple Valley MN Townhome for Sale

  87. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Kermit,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    In answer to your question, although a comment can get buried amongst others, what’s great about CommentLuv is that if your most recent article has a catchy title, many will be intrigued and click on it.

    Amazingly, more people read all the comments than you would expect.

  88. bbrian017No Gravatar says:

    I use it and love it! I also think other people should use it and share the love! I have about 5 blogs and use it at three of them.

  89. Update: I installed the commentluv plugin majorly influenced by this post, Barbara. However, the latest version of the plugin has made this (otherwise easy to use) plugin a little bit confusing to use for ordinary readers that have no awareness on this tool or its latest releases.

    I am not upgrading it – I kinda like the old one 🙂


    Ajith Edassery´s last blog post..10 things that rub your blog visitors the wrong way!

  90. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    Anyone know comment Luv blog list?
    How to find a blog with comment luv support?

    Alex´s last blog post..Free Nokia Game: Rockin Stone, The Sequel Of The Skipping Stone

  91. Firstly, how can you be, “Blogging without a blog?” Lol. Secondly, comment luv is a great program as long as spam comments are still being controlled. (Which is always fun.)

    I see that you do have a good amount of traffic to your site. So I guess it is working.

    Taylor Jame Thompson´s last blog post..AWeber Review Updated

  92. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Taylor – Haha, You’ll have to read my “about” page to learn how the name originated. 🙂

    Re: CommentLuv – I’ve had very little problems with spam, so yes, it is working great.

  93. RobNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for the great information. I am new to this so it is really helpful. I will download it and try it out.

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  100. GTDNo Gravatar says:

    Hey there. I already use the commentluv plugin on my blog, and a few commenters have enjoyed the effects of it. I have yet to experience anyone else’s blog with the commentluv, until now. So, I am leaving this comment to say thanks for promoting such a cool and useful plugin, and to see how it actually works with my own blog

  101. SusanNo Gravatar says:

    How much traffic can you attribute to this plugin?

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  102. MikeNo Gravatar says:

    Hi. I found your blog by doing a search on Comment Luv. I’ve been running into it from time to time for about a month and finally set it up on a couple of blogs yesterday. One really neat thing I noticed is that after I registered my site at Comment Luv, when I made a comment on another blog with CL, my little Bio Box popped up when my comment was hovered upon. I suppose that would be an additional perk for signing up w/CL and then posting comments.

    Anyway, just my two cents. I’ve been trying to get a feel from reading CL threads as to whether or not it helps traffic at all. My blogs have pretty pathetic traffic right now, so any upturn should be easy to notice. Take care.

    Mike´s last blog post..Comment Luv WordPress Plug-in

  103. Janet SodaNo Gravatar says:

    The plugin retrieves your last post at the time of the comment being entered and appends the extra text just before the comment gets saved to the database, this way it doesn’t put any extra load on the database or server other than the effort required add another 60 or so characters to the comment content.

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    I would say if your having a problem with spammers then you should use Bad Behavior (, That sould help you keep the Spammers from abusing your CommentLuv and your site.

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  108. Hey all

    Yes, I’m up late. I am in the process of moving from blogger to wordpress. My site is (I’m a divorce lawyer in New York and I have a divorce blog. Yes, I know, how cliche). So I don’t have any plug ins yet. But I plan to get there.
    Thanks for the info, though. So much to learn about blogging, it’s crazy.

    Say, thanks for visiting my small biz site Barbara and leaving a comment. I was so thrilled to have my first comment on that site!!!

    by Marion TD Lewis, Esq. (for a link to my blogs)

  109. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    Comment Luv is a great plugin and does help get traffic to your blog site. Just get ready for a lot of spam comments.

    Thanks for these blog tips.

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    I love it when a blog uses both comment luv and keyword luv. This way you get the best of both worlds.

  111. dashNo Gravatar says:

    isn’t it reall hard on your time moderating a load of cemments every day? i am going to look into it thank you for this tip

  112. I also enabled nofollow and keywordluv. The main thing I don’t let get through are auto blog comments which are very obvious. Other than that I think this is a good movement and helps everyone.

  113. I don’t use the comment luv plug-in, but I do have my comments set to “dofollow”, I just like to keep it a little more under the radar. Feel free to stop by for some dofollow action!

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  114. GinnyNo Gravatar says:

    I just discovered this on someone else’s blog. I love the concept.

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  115. commentluv is great. Not be long before we have a twitter love plugin too!

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  116. Some blogs have no follow with keyword luv, i dont get the point of that! well i get the point that there is a lot of nonsence. but still.. !

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    Your blog is a new discovery for me. Helpful and clear lessons – I’ll be back.

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  125. HairstylesNo Gravatar says:

    I agree that the comment luv does increase traffic. The only thing about comment luv is that it’s hard (at least in my own observations) to find participating websites… has anyone else had an easier time doing this ?

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  131. Hanna @ emillionaireNo Gravatar says:

    I agree. Comment Luv and Keyword Luv increase traffic and that translates into more money. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s made a tremendous different. I LUV it!

  132. I’m thinking about adding CommentLuv to my site but have heard it can be a strain on your database. KeywordLuv seems to be a “lighter” application so I may try that one first.

  133. Jim ClarkNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for great post, that will surely going to help for newbies like me. Keep posting great stuff. I will try to implement this to my website.

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  136. Hey Barbara!

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    Thanks for sharing this information. I wish more people would go with dofollow. I think nofollow cheapens a lot of blogs etc.

    ROFL at the barbecue analogie.

  143. I have been looking for a way to get my site noticed. This looks like the best way I have found so far.

  144. I’ve been using KeywordLuv and CommentLuv and they’ve been great. Frankly, however, NoFollow and DoFollow confuse me. I think I need to study it more in depth.
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    Comment luv does get more traffic to both blogs. The owner gets more comments and commentors get a link to new post so both get more vistors. I like commentluv because you can get new post listed and some traffic fast. Very few sites let you use a link to a blog post or inner page of website.

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  152. So far I have amassed 925 backlinks from commenting on blogs with CommentLuv installed. Keep doing what you are doing.

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    I really enjoyed reading you blog. I am always looking for new information because as the old saying goes “Knowledge is power”

  154. For a long time I wasn’t even aware of “Commentluv”. In fact I didn’t even know what a “backlink” was, never commentluv or do-follow. Eventually I realized these and I must say that Commentluv is a very handy tool! I have learned from the hard way though . . . I was commenting too much and got too much backlinks all at once for my new site. I learned the hard way unfortunately about what Google’s “sandbox” is.

  155. fwispNo Gravatar says:

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  162. I admire commentluv plugin and use it on my main website.. Atleast it gives a reason to users to add comment …
    Though new Google announcement of following nofollow links making me to remove it.. What do you suggest??

    I go through all the comments and see which ones deserve to be there and which ones don’t. I must say that after installing it
    my comments have increased and interaction with some commentators have also increased.

  163. Comment Luv rocks and I am going to get it set up on all my blogs very shortly. Allowing guests to get dofollow links is a service most blogs should offer in my opinion.

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  164. OnguNo Gravatar says:

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    Unfortunately it might inspire more people to comment but it does mean a lot more spam and moderation as a result – but perhaps that is something you have to accept to make the site more social.
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  169. Wow, I see! 167 comments before mine. I was wondering what that was on a blog, so I googled it – you are 5th on google for “comment luv” so I don’t know if it’s necessarily bad for SEO (maybe for pagerank, but not for traffic).

  170. Is there any reason for a non-blogger to use comment luv?

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Date,

      As far as I know CommentLuv is only beneficial to blogs, or maybe websites that allow comments.

  171. FarhanNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for sharing this information about commentluv. Keep up the good work.

  172. windowsashNo Gravatar says:

    I have added comment and keyword luv to all of my blogs after seeing great results from the first site I tried it on. It is a bit of work to monitor the comments but it is well worth it for the links. With aksimat installed it does keep most of the spam comments at bay too.

  173. Also, I think that you can sign up with comment luv and then you have a choice of ten posts to choose from…not just your last one. Thus, you may be able to choose more relevant posts to link to…
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  177. web hostNo Gravatar says:

    Looks all very good to me. One question: example I post on my web hosting blog and after that also on my domain name search blog. Then I comment here. To which of the 2 blogs will the link go?

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Webhost

      I believe the CommentLuv link goes to the blog for which you type in the URL box.

  178. Hnr1No Gravatar says:

    I think that the option to chose from 10 different blog entrys is when you sign up at the commenluv website. Otherwise it will take the most recent post.

    Great information and tips Barbara!
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  179. LizNo Gravatar says:

    I was looking for a blog that used Comment Luv to demonstrate how it works for a webinar I’m giving on WordPress this evening (via Stompernet. I hope you approve my comment and in time for people to come see it here. Thanks


  180. JoNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, like some others here I was simply googling the plugin to find out more about and it led me here! Great site and some awesome tips, thanks so much. I’m definitely going to try out the plugin as well as some of your other suggestions and see how it goes. There is only so much time in a day, and only so many things you can think of to write about, so I think the idea of getting some audience participation with a link in return is a great idea!

    Going to try out the keyword luv along with it and see how it goes!
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  181. What I love about commentluv is that it reads your latest blog post, giving backlinks to your site. By the way I found it much better if we add keywordluv with it.

  182. ForbrukslånNo Gravatar says:

    First of all: I think it`s kinda incredible that people make their blog nofollow. Off course, if you`re site is good enough it will draw people anyway, but you will get heaps of traffic if you give the people something for visiting – like a link. And the comments you get doesn`t have to have poor quality just because of this. I would know, I have dofollow and commentluv on all my sites. Works like a charm. Man, I just luuuv commentluv and keywordluv!

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    I have been using Disqus plugin for wordpress. But after seeing this string of comments. I’m going to add the comment luv plugin. Thanks for the great post.

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    i couldn’t agree more 🙂 very good

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  190. Brian H.No Gravatar says:

    I’ve been debating using commentluv. My only concern is added spam and God knows I get enough of that now. Often times I just disable all comments to prevent spam. I never have enough time to go through everything and don’t want to accidentally delete some non-spam comments.
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  191. CharlestonNo Gravatar says:


    I see you do have alot of comments from comment luv. 🙂 I’d just installed mine on my site.

    Can you help in answer some of my query, as my blog was always spam by “don’t even know what language” with multiple link.

    I ‘ve installed an anti spammer plugins as well. Is advisable to do so with comment luv? As the plugin auto trash the comments without me viewing it. Any good suggestion in handling spammer?

    Thanks in advance.
    .-= Check out Charleston´s awesome post: How to Password Protect and Encrypt a File in USB Drive =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Charleston,

      I’ve never encountered spam because of CommentLuv. I use Akismet and am very pleased with how well it differentiates spam from real comments. Granted, I may have a few real comments end up in the spam folder, but I believe that’s rare. Due to the fact I get so many spam comments (probably because I’ve discussed it here on my blog), I’ve stopped checking the spam folder. Other than that, real comments end up in moderation if it’s the first time someone comments here.

      I don’t know what blogging platform you’re using, but WordPress combined with Akismet work perfect for me.

  192. Keith DavisNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara
    I’ve just installed CommentLuv on my site.
    I had a few reservations about getting lots of spam… but posts like this one have convinced me that it’s worth having.

    The other reason I installed it was because I was beginning to feel guilty. Leaving comments on sites that are CommentLuv enabled and not returning the courtesy.

    I can sleep with a clear conscience now. LOL

    Hope you have time to come on over and get a CommentLuv link.
    .-= Check out Keith Davis´s awesome post: Practice, practice, practice… =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Keith,

      You know Keith, I’ve used CommentLuv for quite some time now and I don’t see an increase in spam getting through. Although I do get some comments I question, if they’re linking to a sales site or something questionable and/or don’t add to the topic of the post, I either delete them or strip the link.

      I’ll be by to pick up a CommentLuv link. 🙂

  193. These trendy blog comment plugins such as commentluv, keywordluv, disqus, and instensdebate really can help boost up traffic. How much more traffic can be obtained if we set these to dofollow.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Kendi,

      Setting these plugins to do follow is something you’ll have to experiment with as I have no information as to how much more traffic can be obtained by switching them.

  194. I also found you via CommentLuv – I thought your explanation was very helpful and easy to understand. I’ll be back to read more.

  195. JanetNo Gravatar says:

    Commentluv is an amazing plugin from wordpress. It parse your last blog post on that particular post. It is just a nice way to reward readers who spend their precious time on your blog. Also it increases traffic to your website.

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    Thanks again
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  198. Damon DayNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Barbara,
    It has been a few months since I have been here. I must say I like the look of your new theme. I have recently redone my entire site myself. Wasn’t planning on doing it, but server crashed and lost all of my theme files, so I had to rebuild them anyway.

    I have been using commentluv for about 6 months now, it is hard to tell if it has actually increased my traffic. I am on some dofollow lists as well, and I know that brings some readers. I would say though that 85% of the comments I get are basically spam. I guess that goes with the territory of a do follow and commentluv enabled blog. However my spam filters catch most of it pretty easy.
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  199. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you Damon,

    And I like what you did to your site, as well. Fascinating post CommentLuv is linking too. I skimmed the comments and was amazed how in depth they got. Whew!

    One thing I like about CommmentLuv is it helps those who comment on our blogs to get more attention to their sites. Although it may not generate a lot of additional traffic, I do think it’s a great way to show our appreciation to our readers.

    With regard to spam. I get a lot of it but like you, have a spam filter that catches most of it.

  200. SandyNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for this post! I’ve downloaded and installed the comment luv for my blog but wasn’t very sure how it worked LOL.

  201. I think comment love blogs are a great idea, as long as you moderate the comments and have good spam protection. I’ve seen many dofollow blogs that just end up spammed by robots and it looks ugly.

  202. Hello… I have been doing some research on this plugin and I’m thinking of giving it a try as well. I think it’s a cool way to reward our readers so to speak. Plus it’s important that we all support one another. Great Blog!!!
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