Claiming the joy within post

When I spotted this blogger in the comment section of Lance’s “Jungle of Life” blog, her comments were always so positive, I was drawn to read more of her writings.

Right from the start her philosophy on life caught my attention.

In her “About” page she writes,

…I love a nice clean kitchen. I love spending time by myself. I love the sound of laughter. I love the challenge of learning something new. I love hand written letters….

She’s my kind of gal as I love those things, too.

Digging through her archives, I found this post that truly moved me. It’s titled Living Your Truth

You are joyful, because you are being authentic, because you are taking responsibility for your life and because you are in service to something greater than your self. When you are living your truth, you are growing, you are empowered and you are a light to others.

You are empowered – when you’re living your truth. That’s a powerful statement, isn’t it?

When showcasing bloggers, it often easier to let them explain why they started their blog, and for this weeks selection, I’ll do just that.

On her Joy Discovered page (also the name of her blog), Jody Sloane writes,

I started this blog in March 2009. My intention is to share information and inspiration that relates to joy and living a joyful life. Joy is inside every one of us! We just have to claim it! Once we access our joy, it will shine through us and color our world. Itā€™s a beautiful thing! I want to share my thoughts and discoveries on joy, as well as encourage you to make small changes in your life that will help you cultivate your own bliss.

After reading that, how could you not be inspired to read and subscribe to Joy Discovered?

Please join me in welcoming Jody to the Blogging Without A Blog community.

Welcome Jody.

It’s a honor to showcase your work and to read your writings.

Enjoy your reign.

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  1. DealsNo Gravatar says:

    well the positive attitude toward the life is something rare these days… people are getting more and more cynical for no reason the lack of trust is overshadowing such well mannered optimistic people who inculcate the seed of hope and joy in others…. i must say you have initiated a seed in me to by introducing some novel ideas about life… though her posts.. thanks a lot šŸ™‚

  2. LanceNo Gravatar says:

    I absolutely love Jodi’s writing and outlook on life. She is a beautiful soul, and shines her light so brightly out into the world!

    Hi Jodi,
    What a wonderful surprise seeing you here at BWAB today! And that Barbara is showcasing you is no surprise at all. I love all the you write, and feel a real connection to you and what you share. You have a gift of spreading sunshine on all you touch, and that’s pretty wonderful! It’s so awesome seeing you here!!
    .-= Check out LanceĀ“s awesome post: Less Stuff, More Meaning =-.

  3. UGH! Until now I thought that creativity and a clean kitchen couldn’t exist in the same home. Now, Barbara introduces me to Jodi Sloane!

    Seriously – Jodi’s post “live the dream now” is AMAZING! It’s so SPOT ON! I find myself liking her DESPITE the fact that she has children AND a clean kitchen.

    I’ll just tell myself she keeps her kitchen clean by keeping children gagged and bound in the corner and feeding them through a straw inserted through the duct tape. Not that I’ve considered using that technique to keep my kitchen clean by … šŸ˜‰
    .-= Check out Kathy | Virtual ImpaxĀ“s awesome post: Social Mediaā€™s Warning Label =-.

  4. Hi Barbara, Thanks for another great blog recommedation.

    We need a blog like this in Spanish. Could I do that? ::idea::

  5. Jodi sounds like another breath of fresh air in the blogosphere — and we can never get enough of those. I can relate to love of a clean kitchen (mine is sparkling today!) Off to visit her now. Cool!
    .-= Check out Jannie FunsterĀ“s awesome post: Frisky Jim at the Water Park =-.

  6. Hello Barbara,
    This is such a surprise! Thank you so much for sharing my blog with your readers. You are incredibly kind! Your readers are a hoot; what an enthusiastic bunch!

    Lance: you inspire me with your own posts and I’m your number one fan!
    Kathy: my heart is about to burst the sweet comment you made. Thank you!
    Miguel: I just about fell off my chair reading your comments. You are hilarious! I’ll have to try the straw and duct tape idea-you might be on to something. šŸ˜‰
    Jannie: thank you, oh I wish I knew Spanish and I could blog in both languages!
    .-= Check out Jodi at Joy DiscoveredĀ“s awesome post: Live the Dream Now =-.

  7. Hi Barbara,

    Great pick in featuring Jodi. I discovered her via her comments on my site and her blog is awesome. She is definitely has a wonderful attitude. The world needs more people like her. šŸ™‚

    Congrats to Jodi!
    .-= Check out Nadia – Happy LotusĀ“s awesome post: The Power of Images =-.

  8. Lori HoeckNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara and Jodi,

    Wonderful blog you have Jodi. Thanks to Barbara for showcasing your work. Your approach to joy comes through joyfully!
    .-= Check out Lori HoeckĀ“s awesome post: Five traits of a narcissistic ā€˜crazymakerā€™ =-.

  9. Congratulations, Jodi! A joyful positive outlook is always an advantage! Thanks, Barbara for another great pick!

  10. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    Good pick Barbara.

    I checked out Jodi’s blog and I like the focus and examples. I especially like her pragmatic approach and first-hand experience.
    .-= Check out J.D. MeierĀ“s awesome post: Thinking as a Skill =-.

  11. Yes I checked her blog ought as well and it was worth the trip. I’ve found another kindred spirit who challenges us to go for our dreams! Why wait she asks. Why indeed?
    .-= Check out Tom Volkar / Delightful WorkĀ“s awesome post: Fear Cripples Authenticity =-.

  12. Hi, Barbara!

    I absolutely love Jodi, her blog, and her incredible writing abilities. My gosh, she’s so good at what she does, and seems to just float through blog entries, comments and even emails with ease. I’m thrilled you showcased Joy Discovered today, and am glad that through her blog, I could find you as well.

    And my goodness, Kathy at Virtual Impax sure did make me laugh with her comment about kids and a clean kitchen! What a riot!
    .-= Check out Megan “JoyGirl!” BordĀ“s awesome post: Whatā€™s In An Opinion? =-.

  13. Hi Barbara – This was a wonderful blog to share. I just popped over to Jodi’s blog now and the most recent post I found inspiring and practical at the same time! Thanks again for sharing. šŸ™‚
    .-= Check out Amanda LinehanĀ“s awesome post: How To Make Yourself Feel Better =-.

  14. Wilma HamNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara, I have just discovered your blog and if this is not a real example of spreading love, than I don’t know what is.
    .-= Check out Wilma HamĀ“s awesome post: How mother and daughter manage the fear driven corporate world. =-.

  15. Barbara, you made my day. I am touched that you shared my blog with your readers. I want to compliment you on your blog and the great advice you share with others (I particularly enjoyed the article on How to Keep Your Blog Alive When Life Calls). There is a lot of love here! I love it that so many readers take the time to leave comments–how wonderful! I can’t wait to visit the many great blogs referenced here! Hugs to all of you! Jodi

    So about those comments…I wasn’t understanding which were written by whom when I first read these and so my comments back (above) don’t match up! I beg your pardon!

    Let me try again…!
    Deals, I completely agree that many people are adopting a cynical attitude based on a lack of trust. It’s so sad! But the more we each take responsibility for our own happiness, the more I think we can help shift the attitudes of others in a positive way.

    Lance, thank you for your heartfelt response. The sunshine comment in particular leaves me beaming!! As stated above, I am your number one fan and I’m very happy to be on this blogging and life journey together!

    Kathy, ahhh, so it was you with that zaney kitchen comment! You’re a lady I’d like to meet for coffee. I think we could share a few laughs!

    Miguel, I would love to spread joy around in all languages–unfortunately, foreign languages are beyond my abilities!

    Jannie, glad we’re kindred “sparkling kitchen” spirits!

    Nadia, thank you for your support here and on my blog, as well as for the inspiration you provide in your Happy Lotus blogposts. Your way of looking at the world is soft and gentle; when I read your posts, I learn to be lighter, kinder and more gentle with the world,too.

    Lori, Thank you for the comment! The title of your latest post has me intrigued. Can’t wait to come over and visit!

    Betsy, thank you! I’m picking up a lot of joy and positive energy in your comment!

    J.D., I describe myself as a pragmatic thinker; for you to comment that my blog has a pragmatic approach delights me! Thank you for the nice compliment.

    Tom, thank you for the comment! I can’t wait to read your post on how Fear Cripples Authenticity–that is a subject we cannot get enough of. Life without fear would truly be limitless!

    Megan, you know how I feel about you, dear friend. The connection I have made with you and the lessons and inspiration I’ve gleaned from It’s All About Joy warm my heart! xo!

    Amanda, thank you! I look forward to learning from your blog as well!

    Wilma, I’m with you, Barbara definitely knows how to spread the love!
    .-= Check out Jodi at Joy DiscoveredĀ“s awesome post: Live the Dream Now =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jodi,

      As I said earlier, it’s an honor for me to showcase your blog. Your writings move others and your quest for finding and sharing joy can only help others to live their lives to the fullest.

      I love what you’re doing with your blog and how you’re using your knowledge to share with your readers so they too can experience more in their lives.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      I look forward to reading more of your fabulous work.

      P.S. Here, in the comment section, you’ll find countless awesome blogs. Enjoy visiting them and joining their communities, as well.

  16. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you all for your kind words and for showing support for Jodi and her blog. In blogosphere we often feel alone, but I can always count on you BWABers to welcome the new bloggers I showcase with open arms and well wishes. For that, I am forever grateful.

    I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating, you are the BEST.

    Thank you again.

  17. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara & Jodi. I’ve just come from Jodi’s blog after reading “Live the Dream Now”. You’ve found another winner Barbara. Welcome Jodi.
    .-= Check out DavinaĀ“s awesome post: Thereā€™s Life Coaching & Then Thereā€™s Just Life =-.

  18. HI Barbara,
    So nice of you to share this wonderful soul here with us. God, knows we all need positivity in our lives and JOdi seems like the perfect dose we need.
    Jodi, will surely see you on your blog soon.
    Happy Blogging!
    Thanks again Barbara.
    .-= Check out Zeenat{Positive Provocations}Ā“s awesome post: Everything Happens For The Bestā€¦.??? =-.

  19. this blog is great!.. such warmth. keep on bloggin’
    .-= Check out make-up artistĀ“s awesome post: Cookie Crumble =-.

  20. I’ve discovered Jodi’s blog and have been enjoying it very much. Welocme Jodi you’ll find many friends here at BWAB. Thanks Barbara for bringing us the best!
    .-= Check out Tess The Bold LifeĀ“s awesome post: Out-of-The-Box Blogging Bold =-.

  21. PeacefulWmn9No Gravatar says:

    Hello, Jody, and welcome!

    Barbara, thank you for pointing the way to Jody and her beautiful blog.

    .-= Check out PeacefulWmn9Ā“s awesome post: Being vs Doing =-.

  22. Thank you again, Barbara! I made my way today to all the blogs listed here in the comments section. My goodness, such a vast array of knowledge and insights. It is a pleasure to know all of you! You are a smart and inspirational bunch! I am honored to be in your company! xo, Jodi
    .-= Check out Jodi at Joy DiscoveredĀ“s awesome post: Live the Dream Now =-.

  23. janiceNo Gravatar says:

    Welcome, Jodi – I love when commenters I’ve ‘met’ in other places get showcased here! Nice one, Barbara – I love how you’re always so open to inspiration as you read folks’ comments!
    .-= Check out janiceĀ“s awesome post: The Meaning of Mistakes: A Guest Post by My Teenage Daughter =-.

  24. […] who featured Joy Discovered as the “New Blog of the Week”.Ā You can read her article here. Barbara surprised me with her article.Ā Her act of kindness turned up the “joy” volume […]