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When I started my WordPress blogs, I did tons of reading. I searched for WordPress tutorials, but there were very few. Those that I did find, were pages filled with many words and/or images.

Now there are video tutorials. These videos show things as simple as “How to log in and out of WordPress”, and others show how to wrap text around a photo. For new bloggers, you won’t be asking what I just did. “Where were they when I started blogging?”

Today’s Lesson

While searching for help on WordPress, I landed on a little goldmine of WordPress video tutorials.

The name of the site is: Business Blogging 101.

On that site you will find video tutorials presented by on subjects such as:

“How To Make A New WordPress Post”

“How To Add Bold, Color and Italics To Text”

“How To Download, Install, and Activate a New WordPress Theme”

“How to Position An Image and Wrap Text Around An Image…”, plus many more.

These videos are also available on their YouTube site, named: McBuzz Video

These sites are owned and run by Mark McLaren and McBuzz Communications LLC.

Mark has done a fabulous job on these videos, and for that I say a big “Thank You”.

Today’s Assignment

Check out the above mentioned link(s), to find a video tutorial that may help you

When you started your WP blog, how did you learn all there was to learn?

Are you like me, where “show and tell” WordPress video tutorials make it easier to comprehend?

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