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If you use Google AdSense as part of your blog’s monetization, you can easily set up a “savings account” with Google.

Today’s Lesson

First of all, if you haven’t done so, you’ll need to:

Most of you know, when visitors click on your AdSense ads, you make money. (Do not click on your own AdSense ads!)

Granted, you may not make much, but those pennies will begin to add up.

According to Google’s payment system, when your account reaches $100.00, you will either receive a check, or the money will be deposited into your account via an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

Although $100.00+ check would be nice to receive, you do have the capability of “saving” your AdSense earnings.

Google gives you the option to watch your money grow (interest free, of course).

In your Google account, go to “My Account”.

Click on “Payment Holding”, “Edit”

Check the “hold payment” box, and Google will hold your earnings until you tell them otherwise.

To receive your payment, just follow the same process, and deselect/uncheck “hold payment”. Google will send your money, based on their next payment cycle.

Google states that “changes made to these settings after the 15th of the month may apply to either the current or next payment cycle”.

Today’s Assignment

Were you aware you could do this?

Do you think you will use this feature, or do you want your earnings, asap?

Here’s the announcement you all have been waiting for:

My “New Blog Of The Week”, goes to Nez, of

Nez’s tag line (motto) is “Using Critical Thinking to Affect Positive Change in Your Life and Society” That sounds like something we can all use.

Check out his blog, leave him a comment, and welcome him into blogosphere!

Did you know you can recycle your used print cartridges, and get a store credit?

I found out about recycling used print cartridges, quite by accident. I was in Office Max, and a customer was turning in used print cartridges. She got a store credit, which, in turn, reduced her total purchase. I asked the cashier about their policy, and she said that they give a store credit of $3.00 per used print cartridge cartridge.

Last week, I was in Office Max, and the cashier let me turn in five used print cartridges, for a savings of $15.00.

I have since called two other office supply stores, and here’s what I found:

Both Staples and Office Depot, offer a credit/coupon for $3.00 per cartridge. You can turn in up to three a day

Call your local office supply store, and see if your used brand of print cartridges, qualify for the in-store credit.

Recycling is always a good thing. And, by recycling your used print cartridges, you can “make money”. How sweet is that?

Want to make a few brownie points at work? Let the boss know about this money saving tip.

This article was also posted on my OM blog. See that site for more money and time saving ideas.

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