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open mic friday

In the past I’ve opened my blog to blogging questions and have had great success with it.

Today, I’m doing the same, but this time I have two other bloggers joining me to help get your questions answered.

We have Tracy of I Hate My Message Board blog and guru/hostess from the newly opened “The TnT Bloggers Lounge” (forum) to answer any questions you may have regarding forums, how they work, how to join, the advantages of participating, etc.

Also joining us is John Hoff of WP Blog Host. He’s our resident guru on blog security, tutorials, web hosting, domain names, SEO (search engine optimization) and much more.

With this being open mic, there’s no need to stay on topic. Just jump in, ask a question, reply to another blogger’s comment or question, share your thoughts on blogging and/or any difficulties you may face or just leave a comment to say, “Hello”.

Keep in mind, Tracy, John and I all have responsibilities outside of our blogs, so if your question(s) doesn’t get answered right away, please be patient.

All comments and/or questions will be addressed.

Have Fun!

Keep it Clean!

And don’t forget to check the “subscribe to comments on this post” box so you can follow along.

signature for blog post.

P.S. I just installed a threaded comment plugin. I’m hoping this will make replying directly to others easier. Under each comment you’ll see “reply”. If you want to reply to just that comment, just click on “reply”. If you want to add a new question or comment, just scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a comment like you normally would. If this plugin creates problems, let me know.

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Happy Friday!

First, a quick recap of the week:

On Monday Darren Rowse of Problogger shared his answer to how he addresses comments on his blog. The comment section exploded with great ideas of how we can manage our comment section.

Tuesday I expanded on the New Blog of the Week (NBOTW) series and began including some not so new blogs. The three that were highlighted this week are:Deeper Issues, Exit 78, and Ribeezie.

And on Wednesday, I sent you over to Stephen Hopson’s blog (Adversity University) to read part one of his interview with me. Part two will be published next week. The first question of part two was the toughest question for me to answer. It made me delve into the past and brought up a lot of emotions, but hopefully my story and answer will be beneficial to others.

In case you didn’t notice, I took yesterday off from posting. My list was long and priorities were “calling”. The break did me good. In fact, I’m thinking of reducing the number of posts I publish each week.

While working behind the scenes I found some ebooks about blogging which I’ve added to my sidebar. I haven’t read any of them yet, but they all look fascinating.

I’m signed up for Commission Junction‘s affiliate program, so if anyone makes a purchase by clicking on the links, I make an 8% commission. If you’re a member of Commission Junction, and would like to showcase ebooks, simply apply for the “” program.

As I was reviewing the blogging books that are available, it made me wonder; how many bloggers learned blogging from a book?

Myself, I’m a self taught blogger. I learned what I know from doing online searches, reading Steve Pavlina’s blog, Problogger, Lorelle on WordPress, WordPress, other miscellaneous sites, and a lot of trial and error.

All of the themes I’ve used have been free ones I’ve found online.

What about you?

Today’s Question:

How did you learn to blog?

Was your theme free, or did you pay for it?

If you don’t have a blog yet, what resources are you using to learn blogging?

By the way, today is also “Open Mic”

The floor is yours. You know the rules.

Any blogging questions, comments and concerns are welcome.

Have Fun!

Keep it Clean!

And don’t forget to either check the “subscribe to comments on this post” box, or subscribe to my comments RSS feed (upper right sidebar), so you can follow along.

Happy Blogging & Have A Great Weekend!


P.S. Did you remember to get your blog listed in my Blog Registry? It’s free and easy. Just leave a comment and introduce yourself.

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Did you get your blog registered on the Blog Registry post?

Do you have any questions or concerns?

If so, this is the post on which to leave them.

I may have forgotten a thing or two in the rules, so as time passes I may be adding additional items.

My hope is everyone plays by the rules and we end up with dozens, or hundreds of names of bloggers who think like we do, and/or are looking to grow their communities and/or make friends in the process.

The mic is open.

The floor is yours.

Share your thoughts on my new feature. I’m all ears.


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