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You know how when you talk to your spouse/significant other or friends it’s sometimes obvious they’re not listening.

Truth be told, a lot of people are not good listeners. They’re often preoccupied with other thoughts, just want peace and quiet or are waiting for you to finish talking so they can have the floor.

That said, I don’t know of a person who doesn’t want to be heard.

Today’s Lesson

Age, maturity or whatever you want to call it, has taught me that no one person can be our “everything”. Even if we feel we’ve met our soul mate, they’re not going to want to hear our every word, our every thought and/or our every feeling.

That’s where friends and relatives fill some of the voids.

Even then, our real life relationships may not be enough, especially if we’re interested in topics they don’t care about.

I know with this blog, even though my loved ones support my blogging activities, they don’t care to hear about every little detail I post online. Hence, you’ve become sounding board, even if you don’t comment.

I think that’s why mommy/daddy blogs are so popular. Some parents need to vent, need to share, and turn to blogging as a way to do so. Online they’re bound to find a few people who share their feelings or who will give them a different perspective to consider.

Blogging becomes not only a way to “speak” to others, but a way to be heard.

If we check our stats and see we had visits, we believe our words are being read. If we receive comments, we feel our beliefs are being validated.

That’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

Once we know/believe we’ve been heard, we can leave our computer with a feeling of satisfaction and go back into the real world with a sense of fulfillment.

It’s a win-win.

We got to vent to others whom we believe are listening, and our loved ones are spared from hearing about topics they have no interest in.

A word of warning. Blogging and social networking are not meant to replace communication in our real life relationships although the line between the two can become blurred.

Today’s Assignment

Do you feel blogging is helping or hurting your real life relationships?

Care to share?

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P.S. Patricia of Patricia’s Wisdom is very aware of the importance of being heard and has created a site named Wise Ears. For a small fee she will be your sounding board and confidant.

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small world imageAnyone who has been blogging for any length of time soon finds out blogging can become addictive.

So addictive, it can begin to rule our life.

Some bloggers stop socializing with their real life friends. Others spend so much time in front of their computer, their health begins to suffer.

Weight gain can result, as well as other unhealthy habits.

With all of the benefits blogging has, it’s sad to think the down side can be so huge.

Today’s Lesson

Blogging has a way of slowly drawing us in.

In the beginning it’s very subtle. We may find we’re spending more time on our blogs and stealing minutes from our sleep time to blog and/or communicate with our online acquaintances. Soon, those minutes can turn into hours.

If left unchecked, we can find ourselves sucked in to blogosphere and feeling quite overwhelmed.

In Davina’s situation, she realized she was blogging so much, her real life was slipping away. She so eloquently put it when she said,

My circle grew in the sense that I had more connections, but yet my life grew smaller. The blogging cycle became a merry go round that was spinning at a dizzying speed.

In my personal experience, it became harder to be creative and come up with new ideas to write about — because I didn’t have a life outside of blogging.

I think that’s why so many bloggers find other bloggers are writing about the same things. The fun and creativity is lost or smothered by self-imposed pressures of obligation. The inner critic has a wonderful time with this, distracting you, knocking around your ASSteroid Belt.

Blogging shouldn’t be that way. Blogging should be fun and not feel like an obligation.

Even though a blog can provide personal and financial gain, it’s meant to help us grow as a person; not to take over our life.

Today’s Assignment

Has blogging affected your life in a negative way?

If so, how are you handling it?

If you’ve found balance, what advice would you give to a blogger who is struggling with juggling their real life and blogging?

Raise your hand, share your thoughts and together we can help each other.

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image of heart for blog your passion postIn the comments of the When Real Life Friends Don’t Get It” post, Sara Healy of A Sharing Connection said, “…I love blogging. I love every bit of it…”

I echo Sara’s sentiments.

I can truthfully say, blogging is more than a hobby, it’s a passion of mine.

But it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, I spent many years trying to figure out what I wanted to do when I “grow up”.

Although I do love the work I currently do (office administration), I felt I needed more. Something that would really make my heart sing. Something I would never tire of. Something that didn’t feel like a job. Like so many others, I wanted to say “I found my passion.”

For me, “blogging” became the answer.

My eyes are open to the fact many bloggers are also searching for their passion.

As I read the blogs of others, I know “something” is inspiring them to write about their specific topics. When I read their comments, I can see how they are more passionate about some topics, and less about others. If they are posting just to post, or commenting just to comment, it’s obvious, but when they are writing about that which drives them, their passion shines through.

With some bloggers, it’s obvious they love to write. Whereas others find joy in opening their readers eyes to a cause, sharing life lessons and/or leaving this world a better place.

When we look at why we blog, what we blog about, and which posts of others stir something within us, we may find ourselves closer to identifying our passion.

Today’s Lesson

Borrowing part of a post I wrote on my Observation Mountain blog titled, How To Find Your Passion and Make Money, I list 15 questions we can ask ourselves which will hopefully bring us closer to fulfilling that dream.

Let’s get started:

1) If money was not a worry, what could you see yourself doing? What would you do for free?

2) What do you do (hobbies or other), where you get lost in the project and time seems to “fly by”?.

3) As a child, what did you enjoy doing? Do you still enjoy that “activity”, but in a more grown up sort of way?

4) What are your strengths? Are you organized? Are you a care giver? Are you creative? Are you social? Other?

5) What do others say you are good at? If you’re not sure, ask your family and friends.

6) What don’t you like to do? Oftentimes, admitting what you don’t like to do, reveals more of what you like to do.

7) Do you feel passionate about something, but are too embarrassed to admit it to loved ones? Why?

8.) If you were to follow your passion, would others in your life “be left behind”? Do they have to be? Or is there a way of including them?

9) Are you making excuses for not following your passion because you might actually succeed? Are you afraid of success? Why?

10) If you know what you are passionate about, can you find a way to begin that journey, plus do what you’re doing now? i.e. go to school part time? Follow your passion “after hours”….?

11) If you admitted you wanted to follow your passion, and others laughed at you, or were negative, how would you react? Do you feel strongly enough about your passion to defend yourself? Do you really care what others think? Remember, many great inventors and big named business people were scoffed at.

12) What “gets to you”? Do you hate waste? Do you hate seeing children becoming obese by unhealthy eating habits? Do you hate paying good money for an inferior product? What “puts you on your soap box”?

13) Do you see something and KNOW you “have a better way”? Could you invent something?

14) If you were on your death bed today, would you have regrets because you did not follow your “dream”?

If you answered “yes” to #14,

15) What’s stopping you?

After you have taken time to write out the answers, step away from it. Wait for a few days or weeks and review your answers. Have they changed? Do you need to elaborate on any of your answers?

As you look at what you have written, you may soon see a common “theme” emerging.

Is this your passion?

You may realize you are a creative person who could make a product in your own home and sell it to local boutiques, small shops or online. Maybe, you are a stay at home mom who loves children and enjoys being a care giver. Setting up a day care may be right for you. Or maybe as a kid, you used to love to play with toy hammers and saws. Would you like to be a general contractor and build or remodel homes? Or make furniture?

If you have an idea for an invention, with some hard work and research, you could see it materialize.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Today’s Assignment

Are you doing what you’re passionate about?

If not, what’s your biggest obstacle?

Is blogging helping you get closer to your goals?

Raise you hand and share where you are on the path to your dream.

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P.S. For your convenience, I’ve installed the “Sexy Bookmarks” plugin (see below). One of the options I’ve activated is named “Print Friendly” (top row – second from right). For this assignment you may want to print this post and take your time answering the list of 15 questions.

For myself, #6 has been very beneficial. When I wrote down what I didn’t enjoy doing or preferred not to do for a living, it helped bring me closer to doing what I love.

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