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image of sign that reads WORDS FOR SALEOne thing about blogs and what’s written in them, is they are free.

Blogs are free to read and full of free ideas. In fact, some feel because the content is on the web, it’s free to steal.

And us bloggers, because we love this hobby so much, gladly publish our words online with no thought of their value.

We assume, if we blog, we must do it for free.

Today’s Lesson

Things, however, may be changing.

Darren Rowse of Problogger recently started a new site which has a registration fee. For $1.95 a month you can read blogging information and participate in a forum which is only available to the members.*

I must say, this idea is ingenious. When we look at Darren, a blogger who has been at it for many years, why not? His head must be filled with tons of information. Information he may have never got around to posting on his blog. And with a reader base of over a hundred thousand (on his blog), I’m sure many will sign up.

What intrigues me about his idea is how he is charging a low monthly fee instead of a higher one time rate. Using this method, $1.95 sounds doable for those who join, and in turn, he is (possibly) guaranteed a steady income stream month after month.

Another thing I like about the action Darren is taking is the fact it broadens our thoughts to other possible ways of making money with our knowledge and/or our blogs.

With that said, let’s have some fun today and talk about what our blogs and/or words (knowledge) may be worth.

value of blog calculator results image

Here on Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog is a How Much Is Your Blog Worth Calculator. Click on the link*, enter your URL and it automatically calculates an estimated value of your blog.

Now that you know what your blog is worth, let’s look at the the value of other things we might offer.

How much are services we provide worth? $20, $60 or even $100 per hour?

Then we have Ebooks. What is a fair price? $9.99? $19.99? $49.99?

And our words. If we freelanced, what would they be worth? $5 per post? $20? $50? Or $0.02 per word?

Although we do blog for free, what we create does hold value.

How would you price yours?

Today’s Assignment

How much is your blog worth? Would you ever consider selling it?

What about words or services? What would you charge? If buying, what would you pay?

Do you see ways you can make money with your blog via your words or other creative outlets?

signature for blog post.

P.S. Keep in mind, income earned from blogs may be taxed. For how your blog earnings may affect your tax liability, check with your accountant.

*Disclosure: This is NOT an affiliate link


I started the New Blog of the Week (NBOTW) series as a way of paying it forward.

Just as others had helped me and my blog to get found, I wanted to do the same for other bloggers; especially new bloggers who where struggling to get traffic to their blogs. Each week I showcase new and not so new bloggers, write a post about them and add their name(s) to my left sidebar.

January 22nd marked it’s one year anniversary.

In celebration, I’m doing something a little different.  I’m showcasing a website and a free ebook – not a blog.

This is a website that was linked to on Twitter by Mary Anne Fisher.

Not having heard of this author, I was uncertain of the value of the ebook. However, after downloading and reading it, I have found it to be exceptional.  In fact, I’m very surprised it’s being offered for free.

The name of the ebook is “PZ’s Money Makeover 2.0 – 5 Steps to Financial Well-Being in Today’s Economy”.

The author, Paul Zelizer, shares what he has learned based on over two years of research on money and his relationship with it.

In Money Makeover 2.0 he makes three assumptions. They are:

1) That there is a gap between where you are financially right now and where you would like to be.

2) That you are not sure what to do about this gap

3) That financial change is possible as long as you are moderately sane and persistent. Having a bit of courage is helpful too.

He then goes on to provide assignments (which are imperative to complete), insights and also includes a brief lesson in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

One of my favorite quotes from the book is:

Perfectionism kills inspiration

Paul explains how reducing the idea of needing to be perfect, before we proceed with an idea, can lead us to success.

This book is Paul’s way of paying it forward. His desire is for those who read the book to pass it on to their friends and family and help reverse fear based thinking and help “people shift into a more service oriented way of being”.

Credentials: Paul Zelizer is a money coach who has been both broke and done well financially. It was through his experiences he learned the misconceptions regarding money and how to change them. The book is his contribution to help others.

To download the free book, go to PZ’s Money Makeover 2.0

Knowing many bloggers have hopes of using their blogs and/or writing talents as a stepping stone to gain financial freedom, I feel the link to this book is a great “gift” to pass onto my readers as we pursue those life long dreams.

Speaking of dreams, where do you hope your blog takes you?

Care to share?


P.S. Next Wednesday I’ll resume showcasing new and not so new bloggers.

Photo Credit: Theresa Thompson

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