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From time to time, I like to have fun with my blog.

Today’s Lesson

In the past I found enjoyment in writing two poems about blogging.

One is titled: ” I Love To Blog”, and the other is: “Creativity Strikes Blogger At 3 a.m.”

To kick off this lesson, and get you inspired for today’s assignment, I have written a third poem.

All About Blogging

A blog is a log
In which you type a post
Journaling is the same
But without a web host

A blog needs a name
Which is called your domain
It also has a URL
Which is usually the same

The World Wide Web is blogosphere
And that’s where blogs are found
Some blogs are short and funny
And others, quite profound

Posting brings blogs visits
From a spider or a bot
Comments often tell you
If you’re cold or if you’re hot

Stats are important
And so is your rank
Get lots of clicks
And it’s off to the bank

Ads can make money
For you and for me
But if ads clutter your blog
Broke you may be

We all like to see traffic
Come and visit our blog
We say “please leave a comment”
But don’t be a “dog”

We all need the engines
To visit out text
So we ping then and call them
And watch the index

We all want page one
Of the search engine’s site
So we post very often
And blog into the night

To blog can be easy
Creatively may be not
So keep your ears open
And write quite a lot

To maintain a blog
Is work, you will see
But we blog cause we love to
And don’t charge a fee

If you want to support
Your fave guy or fave gal
Just click on “donate”
And then click on “paypal”

A blog can be simple
They’re easy to start
Maintaining one forever
Takes work, and takes “heart”

Today’s Assignment

Have a little fun with your blog.

Write a poem about blogging, or a poem about your site

Come back here, and in the comment section, provide a link to your poem.

If your site isn’t conducive to including a poem, write your poem in the comment section here.

This will serve two purposes:

1) We can all see how creative others are
2) We can generate traffic between sites, and make new cyberspace friends

Now, that’s a win – win situation. 🙄

It’s one in the morning
My husband is snoring
And I lay in bed, wide awake

My computer is down
I feel like a clown
My brain just won’t take a break

My mind is a racing
I just started pacing
To the kitchen I go to get tea

As I think of my blog
I trip on the dog
And end up hitting my knee

But I pass by my desk
And have to confess
My blog’s calling me to write

So I turn on the box
And put on my socks
Refusing to turn on the light

I should be in bed
But comments need read
So I read as I sip from my cup

I look at the clock
As it makes a “tick tock”
And can’t believe I’m still up

It’s now three in the morning
My husband’s still snoring
And I’m not one to boast

But as I’m trying to sleep
Not making a peep
I know I just wrote a great post

I’ll be off tomorrow
Some time I can borrow
And sleep till I can’t sleep no more

So it’s back out of bed
To empty my head
My feet just hit the floor.

I have to confess
My mind is mess
I can’t shut it down for the night

So it’s back to my blog
To check my stats log
And micro manage my site

It’s now four in the morning
The dog’s even snoring
As I creep back in bed one more time

I should be asleep
But I’m now counting sheep
And hoping my blog made a dime

Am I the only one that gets creative in the middle of the night?

Drop me a comment, and let me know when creativity strikes you most often.

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I love to blog
I love to write
I check the time
It’s past midnight

My eyes are red
My shoulders hurt
My butt is numb
I’m getting curt

I checked my stats
I made a dollar
I want to shout
I want to holler

I like to link
And speak my mind
I never know
What I will find

You can’t blog wrong
Though others say
To do it right
Do it their way

I love to blog
I’m having fun
I check the clock
It’s now past one

Money’s an issue
I’ll make you a bet
But, don’t plan on counting
Your chickens yet

Blogging’s hard work
It’s not for the meek
It’s not for the lazy
And not for the weak

If you want a good blog
It takes lots of time
You make make a hundred
Or only a dime

If you blog to make money
And you don’t love what you do
The dollars won’t roll in
And you’ll feel blue

For blogging is something
You must love with your heart
Money may follow
But that’s not why to start

I love to blog
And so do you
I check the time
It’s now past 2 (a.m.)

Good Night!

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