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A lot of bloggers admit they blog in their pajamas, however, today’s post is not about the state of dress we’re in when we write.

Today’s Lesson

Maybe it’s just the blogs I visit, but what I see is many of these sites are naked.

Devoid of advertisements.

Although many bloggers admit to wanting to make money blogging (me, included), for some reason we don’t discuss it and certainly don’t want our sites labeled as “spammy”.

Truth be told, most fellow bloggers expect to see ads on our sites.

Like you, they also hope to make money and understand why the ads are there.

Take a look at these popular websites. They all have ads, too.

Granted, the popular sites are where advertisers want their ads displayed and willingly pay these large corporations big bucks for their website “real estate”, but the ads are there, providing a passive income for these businesses.

If you look at these websites, you’ll notice the ads blend in with the copy and/or photographs.

As bloggers we can learn from that.

That said, the one thing these large websites have which most bloggers don’t, are high traffic numbers.

Without traffic, all the ads in the world will not make us rich.

So does that mean we should stay naked for now?

Or include some ads and hope for the best?

Today’s Assignment

Are you a naked blogger (no ads on your blog), or does you blog have some bling?

If you land on a blog which has advertisements, are they a distraction or have you become blind to them?

If you do show ads, are they profitable?

Care to share?

signature for blog post

The blogging journey has ignited a love for coding in me.

I’m amazed how by just changing a tiny bit of code we can change the complete look of our blog.

Take for example if we want to change our blog background from white to black.

Find the code for the background (in your stylesheet)*, change it from #ffffff (white) to #000000 (black) and the background of our blog will change.  Use an HTML color chart or color scheme website and the possibilities are endless.

Today’s Lesson

That’s what I’ve been doing; not only coding, but changing the themes on both  The Blog Boutique,  and on my Observation Mountain blog.

Now that The Blog Boutique has had a face lift, complete with a slider to showcase some of the headers I’ve created, it’s time for the second drawing for four free advertising spots (see “Blogger’s Showcase” in the sidebar).

The rules are simple:

1) Visit The Blog Boutique and leave me a comment there. I currently have 13 14 posts (containing over 120 blog header backgrounds which are free to download)

2) Come back to here and leave me a comment and tell me if you want “in”.

It’s that simple. Two comments.

The drawing will end on Tuesday, May 11 at 11:00 p.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time). The four winners will be announced in my Wednesday post.

The prize is thirty days of free advertising of your blog, ebook, or services on The Blog Boutique. You can either furnish me with a 125×125 ad or I will create what I call an ADvatar, for you for free.

Pretty simple, hey?

Today’s Assignment

Speaking of coding, how much are you doing on your blog?

signature for blog post.

*Some blog themes use an image as a background. If that’s the case for your blog, changing the background will require additional tweaking. If you plan to make changes to the coding of your blog, be sure to back up your files first. As much as some of the coding can be easy, deleting and/or changing the wrong lines of coding can cause your blog to crash. (take it from me, I’ve done it). Proceed with caution and only if you feel comfortable doing so.

Note: This drawing is for bloggers. If your comment links to a site which contains offensive material or is a product sales site only, your entry will be disqualified.

To recap, the winners of the first drawing were:

  1. Janice of Sharing The Journey
  2. Julie of JBulie’s Blog
  3. Linda of Forced Green
  4. Barb Hartsook of Over Coffee
  5. Heather of Heather
  6. Deb of Sirius Graphix


If you use Google AdSense, you may have noticed arrows on the ad unit.

Today’s Lesson

Just recently Google added two small arrows to their AdSense ads units.

What this does, is gives the potential ad clicker, more advertising options.

Whether a reader on a blog will notice these arrows is another question, so all may be for naught.

However if a visitor is looking closely at the AdSense ads, it could mean you’ll earn a few coins from a click.

I normally don’t use Google AdSense on this blog, so for those of you who don’t use AdSense, you can check out the arrow display on my Observation Mountain blog.

Today’s Assignment

If you use AdSense, had you noticed this arrow feature?

Do you think it could help to increase your AdSense earnings?

If you don’t use Google AdSense, will it convince to you start using it, knowing there are more ad options to generate revenue?

Photo Credit NOTICIAS-TIC’s photos

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