For the last few days, I’ve been trying to fight off what appears to be a cold; sneezing, coughing, chills that come and go and that achy feeling that makes you want to crawl back into bed.

I don’t get sick too often. I think this is my body’s way of saying “It’s time to slow down”.

I should listen.

Instead, I sip tea as I surf aimlessly, looking to see what others are sharing on Twitter as well as their blogs.

I read, but the words aren’t soaking in.

Today’s Lesson

I don’t think I’m different than other bloggers. Our blogs draw us in, as do the blogs of others. They’re like good books which are hard to put down.

In fact, in only rare cases have I seen a blogger cut back on their posting because of an illness. And even then, they managed to publish “something”.

I have to ask; “Why is that?”. Shouldn’t we be nursing ourselves back to health? Getting rest? Staying off of our computers?

In the real world, on a real job, we would call in sick, stay home and tend to our health and return when we feel better.

But in blogosphere, we just keep keeping on.

What gives?

Today’s Assignment

What about you?

If you’re not feeling your best, what happens to your blog publishing schedule?

Do you post something, or stay off the blog and concentrate on getting better?

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  1. Perhaps it’s largely due to the fact that bloggers really enjoy blogging, and sickness isn’t much of a deterrent.

    But if someone’s REALLY sick, probably best to take some time off.


    You could always have posts you’ve written ahead of time and post those while you rest and get better.
    .-= Check out Bamboo Forest – PunIntended´s awesome post: Our Environment Is in the Crapper. Will You Help Me? =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Bamboo,

      That’s true. Bloggers enjoy blogging so much, they don’t let anything get in the way. We’re such diehards. 🙂

      Having posts written ahead of time is a great idea for when we’re not feeling 100%. Even if we can’t get around to answering the comment right away, at least we don’t let our readers down.

  2. CharleneNo Gravatar says:

    Well, actually, there’s been one time I didn’t keep to the schedule and it wasn’t because of sickness…I didn’t have anything to say and was wrestling with emotional roller coaster. Anyway, considering that I’ve reached the end of my pre-written posts, I really should develop some new ones to step in when I do get ill. Right now I’m fighting a sore throat. My hope is that tomorrow it will all be gone (please don’t fight me on this, I welcome the delusion for at least the next few hours). So, off to write some posts to fill in when I have nothing else to say!

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Charlene,

      Hopefully that sore throat never transpired and you became inspired to get a few backup posts written to have waiting in the wings.

      It never hurts to be prepared.

  3. Alien GhostNo Gravatar says:

    I think the problem is that in a job usually we do it because we have to, when blogging is something we want to do and enjoy doing.

    Also we feel responsible to the people who takes the time to visit and read our blog. If I was an employee posting articles for a company’s blog probably I would say “let someone else do it now, I’m sick, I don’t feel good”, but this is our toy, our baby, and it is us in many ways so is not so easy to let go. I guess is like stopping parenting because you are sick…you wouldn’t do it; not even think about it.

    In my case I try to keep some posts ready to publish for any event that might happens, like not coming up with anything at the last minute, or having other staff to do that cannot be posponed (like family things) and also in case of not feeling well.

    It is not nice to publish crap just to publish something; those who visit us deserve better I believe.

    .-= Check out Alien Ghost´s awesome post: Loneliness and Fear =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Raul,

      That’s true. On a real job, we probably wouldn’t be as concerned, but like you said, our blogs are our babies and they need our personal attention, especially when we know we have readers who are counting on us.

      Having articles prewritten is the perfect way to alleviate this problem.

  4. JulieNo Gravatar says:

    What a welcome and insightful observation, Barbara!

    Rarely am I ill, yet I often retreat inward where I mull things over or else just sort of “float.” When that happens, I either slow way down (simply comment but not post) or just take a hiatus. The way I see it, blogging isn’t an obligation or a job. It’s meant to be a way to voice thoughts publicly and invite conversation about them. From the outset, knowing myself as well as I do, any semblance of a posting “schedule” is just not my thing. I go with the flow and that allows me the freedom to let everything be as it will, in sickness or in health. 😉

    Please feel better, soon. xoxo ~ Julie
    .-= Check out Julie´s awesome post: Letting Go! =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Julie,

      I am feeling much better today – rest was what I really needed.

      I love your attitude about blogging and that does come from knowing yourself so well. Being able to go with the flow, in sickness or in health 🙂 , gives you the opportunity to use blogging as the tool you intended it to be.

      You’re a perfect example of how a blogger can be successful, have a following, build a community and yet not follow the typical “rules”. I like that.

  5. Silly GirlNo Gravatar says:

    I am just getting over sick. I concentrated on getting better. I try to post every few days. I hope you feel better soon! Drink plenty of juice and get some rest.
    .-= Check out Silly Girl´s awesome post: Working in a petri dish+ indulgence= sickness =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Silly Girl,

      I hope you’re feeling better now, too. I took your advice and drank a lot of liquids and got rest. 🙂

  6. Feel better soon. 🙂

    I only post once a week. The main problem is when I need to push back client deadlines – but I find that people are very understanding!
    .-= Check out vered | professional blogger´s awesome post: Torn About Fat Acceptance =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Vered,

      You’ve brought up another great issue. When our blogs also encompass services for clients, we have to consider their needs, as well.

  7. In my case I try to keep some posts ready to publish for any event that might happens, like not coming up with anything at the last minute, or having other staff to do that cannot be posponed (like family things) and also in case of not feeling well.
    .-= Check out real estate building ´s awesome post: Blog entry: Operating a Professional Business at Home =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Real Estate Building,

      Yes. Having posts ready to publish makes a big difference, as we never know what life may throw at us.

  8. jan geronimoNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve no problem not posting even if I’m well. Perhaps that means I’m sick with something else? On that note, I’d like that tea you’re having. Something to soothe the frayed blogging spirit.
    .-= Check out jan geronimo´s awesome post: When a Question Is the Answer =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re funny Jan,

      And that’s true. Sometimes we do need “something” to soothe a frayed blogging spirit. A cup of tea just might do it. 🙂

  9. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    Oh I hope you feel better quickly.
    I am in a great deal of pain right now, healing…but am attempting to lower my blogging times as I just can not sit in a chair…I could not post today for my husband’s blog because I could not sit long enough and working on the laptop from the floor just was too painful…..I am wondering the same things…

    I am hoping if I can figure out a post for Friday….I would like to share about the health ins. problems that are keeping me in pain and it the house reform would just pass – I would have relief from my dilemma…

    I am loving watching documentaries on my laptop while I am forced to be still…and then there is reading reading reading..

    Do you have some Boogie Wipes? from the baby dept. of the grocery story…they are awesome
    Feel better and better…
    .-= Check out Patricia´s awesome post: Book Review: THE HELP ~Kathryn Stockett =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Patricia, I’m feeling much better.

      I’m sending well wishes your way, too.

      I know you’re concerned about getting a post out, but it’s more important to concentrate on your health. Blogs and our readers will wait.

      Boogie Wipes? I had never heard of them, so I Googled them. What an ingenious idea. Thank you for the thumbs up.

  10. Lindsey PetersenNo Gravatar says:

    What an interesting question. Actually, if I am home from work sick, I have MORE time to blog without that pesky having to go to work which takes up a lot of my time. I have found, however, that when I am “mentally sick”, ie depressed, (I recently lost my mother,) I stayed away from blogging. My brain was too numb to think clearly. A few months after her death I was finally able to write about the experience, which then opened my mind up to be able to blog again.
    Lindsey Petersen

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Lindsey,

      You’ve raised a good point. It’s one thing when we’re physically sick, but when we’re mentally “sick” it becomes much harder to try and share our thoughts when sometimes we can’t even make sense of them.

      I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s death. You have my condolences. It’s good to know writing/blogging about the experience is helping you, and I’m sure it’s helping others who are in the same position, as well.

  11. Ohhh Barbara,

    Get better soon. Curl up and read some good blogs with some hot tea, honey and lemon.

    .-= Check out Julie @ jbulie’s blog´s awesome post: If all the world’s a stage, I’m a singing, dancing, blogging fool. =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Julie,

      Yup! I’m feeling better. The tea with honey and lemon was a huge help, as was getting plenty of rest.

  12. Evelyn LimNo Gravatar says:

    Blogging can be rather addictive, don’t you think? I used to not be able to go one day without an internet connection. Nowadays, I feel that it is okay to call in sick. I usually end up being more productive after sufficient rest.

    Enjoy some hot tea, Barbara and get well soon!

    .-= Check out Evelyn Lim´s awesome post: Create a Feng Shui Wealth Vision Board =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Evelyn,

      Oh yes. Blogging can be VERY addictive. And you’re right, sometimes taking time away from our blogs, whether we’re sick or not, is the perfect medicine to reviving our creativity.

  13. CarlaNo Gravatar says:

    If I cant do it, everything shuts down including the web store (except for processing orders). I simply cant force my body to do what it cant do, but it depends on why I am sick. I am OK with the very rare cold (once every couple of years), but an MS exacerbation will have me out for the count.
    .-= Check out Carla´s awesome post: My Love of Links 2010 – Vol II =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Carla,

      That’s true. For many of us, if we don’t do it, our blogs “stop”. And for you, with your web store, I can see how that becomes an even bigger problem. The more we put “out there”, the greater the responsibility.

  14. WalterNo Gravatar says:

    What gives? I guess that being in authority, people are expecting something from us. It is therefore our responsibility to give them what they expect. 🙂

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Walter,

      You’re right. People come to expect the same from us that we’ve been sharing in the past.

  15. HilaryNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara .. just once in a while we’re struck with a cold-lurghi and can count our blessings that that is our major sick worry – I have one now .. very minor, but head cold and feeling somewhat ‘frot’. Sounds like you’ve done the right thing – if you ‘ve got a professional blog and operate it as such, presumably you’ve made plans for advance postings in times of mini sickness – if it’s something serious then that is completely different.

    Just get better and those of us who aren’t sick count ourselves extremely fortunate .. all the best lemon tea and all – it is so refreshing .. Hilary
    .-= Check out Hilary´s awesome post: Rhinoceros chase – or how about a little rolling over with Hippopotami? =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Hilary,

      Your comment reminded me of how I’ve never seen a big name blogger “call in sick” (not to say it hasn’t happened, though). I’m sure they have their ducks in a row and like you said, have a back up plan so the blog doesn’t stop producing.

      I hope you get to feeling fine real soon, too. I’m sending you a virtual cup of lemon tea. 🙂

  16. The difference is that we work for ourselves. It’s easy to call in sick to someone else, but who are you going call into when you are your own boss? Not to mention, for most of us, this is our livelihood. No work, no eat. lol

    Although, in an effort to take care of ourselves, I believe we do need to take a step away from the computer and give our bodies the rest they need to recover and get better. Not that I adhere to that policy myself most times.
    .-= Check out Heather Villa´s awesome post: Does Your Newsletter Suck? 10 Reasons Why It Might =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Heather,

      Isn’t that the truth? Being self employed, whether in real life or the virtual world, means having to be “on” most of the time.

      And you’re right. We do need to take care of ourselves. With blogging being an added responsibility we take on, it becomes even more important we monitor our health and ensure we’re getting the proper rest.

  17. Dearest Barbara,
    I have been in the same situation..the last few days…to top it all my little one also has the flu. But you know me…I love my blog like my cant neglect it one bit…:)
    I might ease up on the commenting…but i try as much as possible not to break the posting schedule. I feel I owe it to the subscribers….they are what make the blog na..:)
    I usually have a few post drafts ready …so incase i havent been able to churn out something due to ill health..i publish something i have ready in the drafts.
    But you take care and have some hot hot chicken soup…’ll be back to your awesome perky self in no time.
    Much Love,

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Zeenat,

      I’m back, and it looks like I need to send you a cup of virtual lemon tea, too. I do hope you’re feeling fine real soon.

      You’re right. Having back up posts ready to publish is the ticket. Even if we don’t have time to visit other blogs and answer our own comments, at least our readers know we’re still there.

  18. janiceNo Gravatar says:

    I seem to have spent the last six months taking more ‘sick leave’ and health days than actually blogging so I guess I’m either not a proper blogger or without realising it, I am doing what needs to be done to keep healthy and the creative jug overflowing. Either way, I’m very aware of the addictive nature of blogging and will never let it adversely affect my family or my health again. The blogosphere is a lot like The Matrix. That much I have learned.

    Get well soon, m’dear. Now might be the time to try out my soup!
    .-= Check out janice´s awesome post: Caldo Verde =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Janice,

      Mmmmm. A bowl of your soup sounds perfect right now. All I need to do is run to the store and get the ingredients. 🙂

      Your comment reminded me of what Julie (of Random Meanderings) wrote. You both want your blogs to work for you – not the other way around.

      As for being a “proper” blogger? Luckily we can let our blogs be whatever we choose.

  19. JeanneNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara, I ditto all the comments above, and add this: I do what feels good.

    Now, I’m not, and haven’t been, sick for a long long time. But anyone can see that my blog is currently “unscheduled” in a most drastic way. I think that’s a reflection of this six-month road trip I’m on, so I guess I’ve not called in sick, but maybe called in traveling :). I find myself still reading blogs but not commenting as much. My “rhythm” is gone but it’ll be back when the trip’s done. I’ve promised myself that!
    .-= Check out Jeanne´s awesome post: Austin TX, Part Two =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jeanne,

      Good point. If we are blogging from the road, can we keep a normal schedule, or should we even try?

      With you being on an extended vacation, I can see how it becomes more important to make memories than it would be to post on a regular basis. Then when you get home, you can reflect back and share more of your stories.

      P.S. I see you’re sharing photos of you and Jannie in Austin. WooHoo!

  20. Chase MarchNo Gravatar says:

    People expect blogs to be updated regularly. Those of us who blog are sensitive to this so we feel that we must post no matter what. I get that.

    But if you need the time and you need a break, I think you should just take it. If you need more than two days though, as a courtesy, it would be nice to fire off a quick post so your readers will know that you won’t be posting for a few days.

    Also a good way to buy yourself sometime is to write a few posts on MS Word and just save them for later. On those days you need a break you can just copy and paste those into your blog fairly quickly and get back to bed or the couch and relax.
    .-= Check out Chase March´s awesome post: New Reason to Love Curling =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Chase,

      I like how you put that, “…blog fairly quickly and get back to bed or the couch and relax.” 🙂

      You’ve raised a good point. If our “normal” posting schedule gets disrupted, putting out a quick post (or Tweet) will alert our readers to the change.

  21. EvitaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara

    This is a great topic and question – what happens to our blogs if we get sick or are going on vacation, or something else….

    I think if we are doing this for the love and passion of it, we do as other readers have said, do what feels right. It is not good to get caught up in turning our blog into a list of “must do’s” – I think in that case it won’t be long and we may even start dreading what we “have to do.

    But equally if we have built up a site to a certain level, there is an expectation I think from readers that the material is updated, questions and comments answered, etc….
    I find this the toughest when I go on vacation….it is then that I wish I had a personal assistant, LOL

    So in the end I think it is a little of a balancing act, of doing what feels right, and keeping up the quality of the site.

    P.S. What an amazing new theme and look you have – i love it!!!
    .-= Check out Evita´s awesome post: Moving Beyond the Holy Day to Holiness and Wholeness Now =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Evita,

      I totally agree. If blogging becomes a chore, or like you said, another thing on our list of “must dos”, then it might be time for us to revisit why we’re blogging.

      But yet, we’re also entitled to take time off and shouldn’t have to feel guilty when we do. In those instances, I think as long as we alert our readers of a break in our schedule they’ll understand and won’t abandon us just because we’re taking time away from the blog.

  22. Hi Barbara,

    It is interesting that this post is on this subject because it is a topic that has been on my mind recently.

    In my opinion, I think it has to do with passion. If I love something, I will do everything in my power to do what needs to be done even if I am very sick. If it is something that I do not love, I can easily call in sick and do nothing.

    The best example was last summer. I had a severe flu and took off from work for an entire week. Yet my blog was not impacted in any way. I kept my regular posting schedule. I was not passionate about my old job but I am passionate about my blog.

    Hope you are feeling better! 🙂
    .-= Check out Nadia – Happy Lotus´s awesome post: Dude, Let Go of My Ego! =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Nadia,

      Yes, I’m feeling much better.

      That’s a good point. When we’re passionate about something, we make time for it, even if we’re not feeling 100%.

      I like you example of how you were down with the flu you missed work but your blog wasn’t impacted.

  23. Great question!

    Please take care and get lots of rest, Barbara.

    I don’t get colds or the flu (Anymore. OCD hand washing and hand sanitizer.) But when one of my migraines kicks in I’m off computer (and everything) for 24 hours or so.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Jannie,

      Ouch! Migraines sound awful. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you don’t get another one. (My toes, too. 🙂 )

  24. Hi Barbara,

    I think this is a fabulous question. (And I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better today). I’m going to respectfully disagree with what some have said here. I know bloggers do it for love or self-employment and all that, but I think not taking time off when we need to reflects something in shadow, a deep story that has its hooks in us. It tells us that we must not let others down. Or that passion overrides self-care. The story makes us forget that responsibility and love begin with taking care of ourselves; otherwise, we can’t fully give love to others or even fully do what we love.

    Plus, on the more objective side, many studies have shown that people do sub-par work when they’re sick. As a counselor and coach, I learned after a few years that I couldn’t do good work when I was sick. And if my clients come in when they’re sick, they probably won’t get much out of the session either.

    I don’t think it’s any different with blogging. I’ve been lucky; I haven’t been sick since I started blogging, but would not hesitate to take time off for illness. I did actually take almost three weeks off around the holidays, with no dire consequences. Which is another angle to this whole thing: a lurking fear that if we take time off we’ll lose something – readers? momentum? I could write a lot about that but will refrain. I’ll save it for a blog post!

    Thanks for the great question!
    .-= Check out Patty – Why Not Start Now?´s awesome post: What the Super Bowl Taught Me About Life =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Patty,

      I see where you’re coming from. Without our health, we really don’t have much, do we? Thus, like you said, self care becomes most important.

      I like how your comment opens this subject up even further. I look forward to what you end up sharing in a blog post, and chances are we’ll be discussing more of this here, as well.

      P.S. Like you, I took time off during the holidays. And like you, I don’t think I lost anything either. 🙂

  25. SaraNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara — Your question is interesting and yet, I must admit I’m a bit embarrassed by my reply. When I’m sick, I drop everything, crawl into my bed and pull up the covers. I don’t stir until I get hungry, which is usually a sign I’m recovering.

    Then again, when I’m sick I also whine a lot. So, maybe it’s a good thing I’m not on-line and commenting or replying:~)

    Feel better soon friend!!!
    .-= Check out Sara´s awesome post: Anti-Valentine’s Day =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Sara,

      I LOVE your comment and how you deal with being sick. Sometimes I’d love to do that too, but other commitments seem to get in the way. 🙁

  26. suzenNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara!
    I don’t blog every day so I don’t have any tendency to call in sick – especially since I always keep writing ahead of posting day – usually I’m a month ahead. I’m having guest bloggers from time to time – esp. when we go to the Carribean this spring – to fill in for me altogether. With all this snow, I’m wanting to go NOW.

    I’ve been meaning to check into the comment luv thingy but I need to set aside time (since this would be a techno adventure for me), wait til I’m in the mood and put on my Big Girl panties. (Do not hold your breath)

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Suzen,

      That always works out great – having guest bloggers “take over” when we want to take a break, but don’t want our blogs to stop producing. The Caribbean….here come Suzen.

      Big girl panties? I LOVE that. You have me laughing. 😆

  27. Lori HoeckNo Gravatar says:

    Glad you are feeling better!

    My super-short posts using and expanding on my 100 self defense tweets make a quick post fairly easy even if I’m sick or busy. I didn’t plan it that way, but it works out nicely. I can still provide practical and useful information in a few paragraphs.

    As you know though, I’m a firm believer in taking a break or sabbatical from blogging when the head and heart need to find harmony.
    .-= Check out Lori Hoeck´s awesome post: Tanka Bar, a snack food like no other =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Lori,

      Isn’t that great how that worked out? And I don’t know about you but seeing an occasional short post on the blogs we read can be very refreshing.

      Yes. When the head and heart need to be put back into harmony, taking a break away from it all is the perfect medicine.

  28. Glad you are feeling better!! I guess it depends on how sick I really am! When I had pneumonia…I couldn’t even get out of bed to look at the computer. Most of the time, I can manage something…even if it is just a couple of lines to say I’m busy, or sick, or whatever. It is tough to find time to “do it all” though!
    .-= Check out Jeanne ~ bermudabluez´s awesome post: Random Thoughts… =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jeanne,

      Pneumonia? Yikes. I”m glad I just had the common cold.

      You nailed it with those words, “it is tough to find time to do it all”. Amen.

  29. Hi Barbara,

    It’s hard for me to take me away from my PC. If I have 1% energy to write something, I will love to write for my blog. Life without blogging and sharing is boring for me. However, there time comes when I should take rest and I try my best to take it but yet I not able to see the face of success.

    .-= Check out Arafat Hossain Piyada´s awesome post: 7 top social website for sport’s fans and addicts =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Arafat,

      First, I noticed you’ve updated your avatar. Looking good! 🙂

      I know what you mean about having a hard time staying away from the PC. It’s like they “call” us. But yet, taking time off to rest and take care of our health is important too. By being well rested, I feel our performance level is higher.

  30. Dennis EdellNo Gravatar says:

    This happens to me all the time. I’ll got 1-2-3 weeks straight 10-16hrs a day, then end up down for 24-48hrs or more…it’s just not worth it.

    I learned a very valuable lessen when I was hospitalized 2yrs in a row, 6-8 weeks each time…..your blog ain’t goin’ nowhere, don’t worry about it. 😉
    .-= Check out Dennis Edell´s awesome post: Theme Construction Part 2 – What Should Go WITHIN The Blog? This Is The FUN Part! =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Dennis,

      No, it’s not worth it. It’s more important to find a good balance where we get rest, exercise, time for our social/familyl life AND the blog. Like you said, “the blog ain’t goin’ nowhere…”. 🙂

  31. JasonNo Gravatar says:

    I would say for me it’s much easier to blog than to haul myself out of bed, get ready, and drive in to work. Much easier to pull my laptop out from under my bed, sign in, and start clicking away?
    .-= Check out Jason´s awesome post: Featured Dog Breed – Basset Hound =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jason,

      I can see how that would be easier than getting ready for and going to work. Ahhhh! The joy of blogging from anywhere we choose…..

  32. Debbie YostNo Gravatar says:

    For me, when I was putting blogging before other important things, or maybe I should say, when I was more obsessed with blogging, I blogged out of obligation to my readers. I felt if I did not blog I let them down. Even when I was really too sick to blog, which wasn’t often, and I had put a post up saying I was ill, I still felt guilty for not posting. I got back to it as soon as I could. I worried my stats would suffer. I worried I would lose subscribers. But now, I have had to change that. I do not have a set schedule. I may go days without posting. Sometimes I post several days in a row. I may post on the weekend, or I may not. It just really depends on if I have something to say and if I have the time. But, I think the feeling of obligations to your readers is a real reason many blog through illness, even if they aren’t willing to admit it. The need to be needed.

    I’m sure many may disagree, but I know it was true for me and realizing I owed no one in cyberspace anything lifted a huge burden off my shoulders.
    .-= Check out Debbie Yost´s awesome post: Teachers Impact our Lives =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Debbie,

      You’ve raised some valid points. I think many do blog because they don’t want to disappoint readers, hate to see their stats drop, and/or need to be needed. Like you discovered, when we realize the driving force behind our obsession, we’re more apt to step back and start using blogging as a tool and not as a crutch.

  33. I’m so sorry you’re sick, Miss Barbara. Not fun. I don’t get down often, either.

    I took a look at one of your related posts, How to Prepare for the Uncreative Days. There’s a gold mine in that post that I think I’ll print out.

    On my uncreative days — feeling not-so-good physically being some of them — I read. I’m rarely without the next good story to dive into. It’s amazing how often I find something to put in my journal of thoughts as I read a good story. I use some of these quotes, or my reactions, as a starting point for writing a post.

    I truly hope by now you’re back to yourself, Barbara. 🙂

    .-= Check out Barb Hartsook´s awesome post: How to Paint a Portrait from a Casual Snapshot – A Tutorial =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Barb,

      What you suggested is a great idea when we’re not feeling 100% or are feeling uncreative. Reading a good book or even other blog posts is a great way to spark our creativity and give us fodder for future posts.

      P.S. I feel like I’m close to perfect health again. Taking time off and getting extra rest was the medicine I needed.

  34. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara. Glad you’re feeling better. Stress and overwork has a way of catching up with us sometimes. I’ve noticed often that I tend to get sick when I’m on holidays and relaxed; it’s like the body too is letting go of “stuff”. I currently only post once a week but it would depend on how sick I was before I stayed away. Reading and surfing is a way to take my mind off being sick. If I have a migraine though, I’m nowhere near the computer. My blog is not my business so I’m able to be more relaxed about it.
    .-= Check out Davina´s awesome post: Take a Spiritual Bawdy Break =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Davina,

      Isn’t that funny how our bodies work? It’s like what you said, when they know we have “time to be sick”, it’s like they sock it to us. All the more reason for us to try and keep balance in our lives. (easier said than done, hey? )

  35. Keith DavisNo Gravatar says:

    Early days for me Barbara.
    I’m trying to concentrate on useful and practical content that my readers (when I get some) will be able to put into action.
    I’m sure that you will laugh when I tell you that I was thinking of about one post per month!
    I can hear your sharp intake of breath!

    My site is set up as a website with a blog rather than a pure blog.
    My intention is to turn my most successful posts into pages, which will become my landing pages… well that’s the theory.

    BTW your site seems to go from strength to strength… I notice that you even have sitelinks in Google searches.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Keith,

      That’s really not a bad idea; one post a month. In fact what you’re thinking of doing reminds me of my other two blogs. I rarely update them but they continue to get traffic. One has 200+ posts and the other has 7 (I think). By using SEO and providing a solid landing page for specific keywords, I think a blog (or page) can “look” more like a website than a blog AND can provide readers with that which they are searching for. When that happens, I see it as a win-win.

      I just read your most current post on practicing speeches and noticed how detailed it is Not only would that make a great landing page, it would also make a great article to submit to something like Ezine articles (which unfortunately I don’t know how to do, but I’ve heard article submissions are a great way to bring more attention to our blogs and or writings).

      I’m thinking your knowledge would also make for a fabulous ebook on public speaking.

  36. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    May your illness fly by you like a breeze of wind. Take care of yourself!

    You are allowed to take a sick day but some of us bloggers just cannot tear ourselves away! Then again, if you get snowed in, what is there left to do but blog away.
    .-= Check out Linda´s awesome post: Global Warming Is Dish Also Served Cold =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Linda,

      I hear you. Sometimes it’s hard to tear ourselves away from the blog.

      Did you get snowed in? Fortunately we had our turn early in January and are now experiencing rather balmy day time temperatures (in the 50’s) WooHoo!

  37. FriarNo Gravatar says:

    “If you’re not feeling your best, what happens to your blog publishing schedule?”

    Heh heh.

    …WHAT blog publishing schedule? 🙂
    .-= Check out Friar´s awesome post: Rejected Offerings =-.

  38. Tony SingleNo Gravatar says:

    I have to confess that I don’t tend to want to do anything (let alone work on my blog) whenever I go through one of my bouts of depression. Some days it’s all I can do to just get out of bed and face things.

    So yeah, unfortunately my blog suffers as well as the handful of readers I have. I do feel bad about it. Am working on it. 🙂

    By the way, this is my first comment here. It’s a wonderful blog you have here and you seem to have quite a community going too. Bravo!
    .-= Check out Tony Single´s awesome post: Do Over =-.

  39. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you Tony,

    When we blog for the fun or it, it is difficult to think of things like posts, comments and visiting other blogs when we’re not feeling our best. Thankfully, our blogs will wait for us, as will our devoted readers.

    Yes. The community on this blog is awesome. I know I’m a little biased, but I think it’s the best in blogosphere and I’m happy to welcome you in. 🙂