Are you new to blogging? Are you confused with all of the blogging language? Don’t understand your blogging software?

Today’s Lesson

When a person is new to blogging, learning all there is to know, can seem overwhelming.

First of all, you have a new “language” to learn.

But, what do all of these words really mean?

Today’s Lesson



a) A post is something you use to hold up a fence
b) A post is a tall columnar piece of wood or marble, on your porch
c) A post is a combination of words and/or photos on a blog page
d) All of the above


a) A page is one piece of paper bound in a book
b) A page is a person who works on the floor of the Senate
c) A page is a combination of words and/or photos in a blog, that remain static (doesn’t change)
d) All of the above


a) You can “plugin” a lamp, if you want light
b) You can “plugin” when you really want to hear what someone is trying to tell you
c) You can use a “plugin” for your blog, to add new and exciting features
d) All of the above


a) This could be a typo, and it should be “back track”
b) You can trackback to your desk, and get to work
c) A trackback, is a way of notifying another website, that you linked to their blog/site
d) All of the above


a) A spider is a black furry thing, with eight legs, that scares you to death
b) A spider is an unattractive vein in your leg, i.e. spider vein
c) A spider is a type of computer generated program that browses the web, and can find your blog for updates
d) All of the above

Now, I bet you want to know the correct answers.

If you answered “d”, that is correct. However, for new bloggers, the correct answers are all “c”

How did you do?

I bet you all aced this one. 🙂

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