If you blog, in some sense, you’re a teacher. You’re sharing your thoughts, opinions, life lessons, and/or stories from the past. In many cases your words will resonate with others and they will learn “something” be inspired to do “something”. Our work may create a light bulb moment leaving our readers contemplating what they read.

Today’s Lesson

When I started my blogs my hope was others would learn from what I had learned, and continue to learn. Although I don’t teach bloggers how to make money online, how to gain more RSS subscribers, or how to code pages, by asking thought provoking questions, providing links, sharing interviews with experts or sharing my finds, I do think I can teach others to be better bloggers.

In life, I learned to never accept the first thing I read about something. Being an analytical person I like to dissect the information and figure out what makes it so. As I continue my research I note if other sources are saying the same thing, or if I find conflicting information.

Blogging has been no different. I’ve found RSS feed reader numbers can be manipulated, page views are over rated , and a “visit” may not be a “visit”. When it comes to numbers, there is always a way to misconstrue the facts.

With the assignments I post on this blog, my hope is the questions I ask will make you think (and hopefully respond). Your answer, and other answers may open our eyes to greater possibilities.

For me, when I read the comments you leave, I too, am learning and expanding my knowledge base. Isn’t blogging grand?

Today’s Assignment

Yesterday we discussed what we are learning from our blogging experience, today we’ll discuss the opposite.

When you publish a blog post, do you hope the reader will take away a lesson?

If you blog in a niche, are your visitors learning more about the topic?

Based on the comments you’re receiving, are your blog posts conveying the message you had intended?

Let’s discuss this further. I’d love to hear how you hope to teach others.


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  1. Cath LawsonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – It varies, depending on what I write I guess. With some posts I just hope folk will take away tips. In others, I write about things I’ve done and mistakes I’ve made in the hope that it will help others facing the situation.

    And sometimes, I just write posts that I hope will make people think.

    It’s difficult to say whether the posts work for everyone, because I guess commenters are just a small fraction of my readers.

    I find when I write about something that folk already know, or something that makes them think, I get more comments. But the posts where I’m giving tips or advice tend to be the ones that are read most.

    It’s still difficult to work out which posts are going to be most popular when I write them.

    Cath Lawson´s last blog post..Heroes Of Healing: Napoleon Hill

  2. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Catherine – I think your blog is a big help. When you share stories of what has worked or not worked for you, you’re opening other peoples eyes to what to be aware of. In business, many won’t tell us about the pitfalls. One thing about you, you spare no words and you tell it like it is.

    I agree, it’s difficult to determine which posts will be popular.

  3. NaturalNo Gravatar says:

    I always hope the reader will take away something. A different point of view, something to think about or a chuckle. Most times I convey the intended message, but if not then that means I have to look at what I have written and tighten it up, make it more clear.

  4. Chase MarchNo Gravatar says:

    I have blogged in order to educate people. I have tried to convince readers that hip-hop is a culture and an art. I have tried to battle many misconceptions about the culture.

    I also try to reach parents and educate them about their role in their child’s learning. I have found that a lot of parents don’t understand how important this is.

    I am a teacher so maybe this just comes naturally to me. I don’t always post to enlighten though, but it is something that is important to me.

    Chase March´s last blog post..Out For Blood

  5. ScottNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Barbara – I’m very much like Cath. My blog is about my life, my struggles with alcohol, how great life is now that alcohol is no longer “a part” of my life. Trying to help others as I help myself.

    I’ve noticed that my posts depend on my mood at the time of writing. Sometimes it’s just a funny story, sometimes it’s “churchy”, sometimes I just hope it’s a smack in the face to everyone because while I’m writing it, I’m usually smacking myself in the face.

    Anyway, ditto Cath.

    Scott´s last blog post..What’s Your Judas

  6. I think for my blog it’s a mix. My basic approach isn’t so much to teach (though I do), but to start a conversation and set people thinking. Based on the responses I set people thinking AND teach a bit. But the teaching posts are generally (for me) not the ones I get most response to.

    Generally I do get my message across, but on controversial topics it’s hard to get everyone to understand. I write in a way that is generally (I think) clear and full of nuance. But on controversy nuance can work like a red flag on a bull: people only read that part of the post they DISAGREE with.

    Given that people are often asking me questions – which I end up answering not just by e-mail, but on my blog as well. I would say I do function as a teacher (just as well, since I majored as one, though not in the topic I write about).

    katinka – spirituality´s last blog post..Right Intentions or Right Actions …

  7. By sharing my life experiences, I hope the readers learn that regardless of their own experiences, cultures, countries of residences, we are all human. And being such, we share the same fundamental experiences of hope, fear, love, etc.

    Do I believe I am suceeding based on comments received? Absolutely! The thought and care that is put into the comments at the Lair is heartwarming.

    And, with each comment I myself learn a different perspective on what I experienced.

    Urban Panther´s last blog post..My Cat the ATV

  8. Hi Barbara,

    Your post made me remember a movement in Spain called “blogfesor”. Those interested can just google the term and get the info in Spanish 🙂

    I feel it makes perfect sense, as long as keep your humility. In blogging I hope to help people to learn, yest, but we must remember not to place ourselves “more grand” than our readers even if we know more; specially if we know more.

    We could lose readers, but, we would certainly lose good feedback and the opportunity of good learning. I will even go as bold as to saying that if you can’t learn anything from a person with down syndrome, then it is you who need special education.

    Miguel de Luis´s last blog post..10 free subscriptions for PhilosophersNotes

  9. For me, I think ultimately what I want people to take away from reading my blog as a whole is not to limit yourself.

    To be a successful web entrepreneur you need to know more than how to market; more than how to design a website; more than how to start and build your business, etc.

    I fear sometimes that some people might feel that I don’t focus enough on one topic but if you really think about it, I am.

    As far as each post goes, I hope they learn something that will help them grow as both a business and individual.

    John Hoff – eVentureBiz´s last blog post..30.1 Web Tools For Online Success And To Make Your Life Easier At The Same Time

  10. BetsyNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – I don’t view myself as a teacher. Pete and I are more like, “Hey, look at this!” or “We’ve been thinking about this in light of what’s happening here” or “Here’s what we found out, see if it works for you, or what do you think?” Maybe that’s the way I’d teach if I were in front of students.

    People think about many different things, even though they may be experts in a niche or two. What we try to do is share our thoughts and the way an experience made us feel. By writing about the various parts, perhaps the reader will sum us up on their own.

    Great question – really made me think! Thanks, Barbara!

    Betsy´s last blog post..WISDOM

  11. I’m learning so much. The number one thing that I’m learning – my writing. Writing doesn’t come easy to me, but I LOVE it. The number two thing that I’m learning – building my network. Life is about who you know, not what you know. The number three thing that I’m learning – give back. Karma plays a big role in my life and I feel that my charity is this blog. I don’t presently make any money from this blog, hopefully this will change in the not to near future, but for now I just love helping people find ways to enjoy and improve their careers.

    Karl Staib – Your Work Happiness Matters´s last blog post..Obama Wins – 7 Career Tips You Can Learn From Obama’s Strategy

  12. I do always hope that my post teaches something. For me it’s natural to want to be of service, and I am hopeful that when I share what I have learned or experienced, that it resonates with my readers.

    My target audience is a very specific segment of the population, and I expect that they develop a greater understanding, from a unique perspective, about our industry.

    Sincerely, as a relatively new blog, we are building our readership and are helpful that more bloggers, entrepreneurs, and network marketers come to learn, experience, and share.

    Clem – Unique Business Opportunity´s last blog post..Network Marketing – Direct Sales with Power Boost!

  13. I don’t feel like a teacher. I feel more like the little kid on the playground who has just learned how to share. Share your stories, share your tips, share what you have learned.

    It’s nice though, when someone comments and thanks me for an article saying that information was exactly what they were looking for and that it helped them out.

    Kim Woodbridge´s last blog post..(Anti) Social-Lists 11/2/08

  14. NeilNo Gravatar says:

    What I hope readers take away from my posts varies from post to post. Certain days I hope they take away a nugget of useful information. On other days I hope I’ve engaged them and forced them to re-think they way they perceive the world. Then there are the days where I just want them to enjoy and relax. It’s ok to have an ‘off’ day where you aren’t constantly challenging yourself, but rather are enjoying the moment.

  15. ValNo Gravatar says:

    My blog is just sharing life. I don’t have a huge readership but interestingly most of my readers come from a different point of view than I. Therefore in some of my posts I want to give food for thought and I hope I’m successful in that. A lot of my post are meant to make them chuckle. I know when I’m successful at that because that’s when I get comments. My “thinking” post don’t generate comments usually.

    Val´s last blog post..Thanksgiving 25

  16. Ulla HennigNo Gravatar says:

    I hope my readers take away
    – information about places, architecture, the city of Berlin
    – views (speaking literally)
    – something to think.
    As I get some people commenting, I’ve got the impression that they really do take away something from my blog. I must admit however, that I consider myself not so much a teacher but a person who shares – her views on life, her experiences, her favorite places.

    Ulla Hennig´s last blog post..At the Beach

  17. JodithNo Gravatar says:

    The whole point of Administrative Arts is to teach about being an administrative assistant. It’s to share information out there with all of the other poeple in the administrative support field. So my intention with each post (with the exception of Casual Friday) is to help some overworked administrative assistant out there to make her job easier.

    That’s one of the reasons I’ve written my new e-book, Receptionist Arts. The single posts with the most common search engine hits were my receptionist tips post. I realized that this is an area where there is little information. So I created the e-book, which I’m currently giving away to subscibers as an introductory deal.

    So, yes, for me, this blog is all about education. My other blogs are somewhat, but not as much as Administrative Arts.

  18. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara. Again, it depends on what I write. Sometime I share personal experiences. Sometimes I like to give tips or suggestions based on my own experience. I liked Scott’s smack in the face analogy 🙂

    I like to inspire readers to connect with their feelings, to think and try on new ideas. The only thing in life we can count on or be responsible for is that we will have a perspective about something. I don’t believe one answer fits all, nor does it serve us to continually hold onto one perspective in some cases. So, I encourage different perspectives.

    Davina´s last blog post..Akemi Gaines On Intuition, Dreams And Spiritual Guidance–Interview Part 1

  19. Eric HammNo Gravatar says:

    This definitely all depends on variables like my mood, the day of the week (I like to post deeper stuff early in the week and lighter stuff to finish it off), etc…

    Even though “Motivate Thyself” is obviously in a specific niche, I try not to let that stifle my voice. I try to maintain a general focus on my niche, but don’t hesitate to go in different directions if I think it will be beneficial to my readers as well as to the blog as a whole.

    So in other words, I certainly do hope that every post gives my readers something to take away. Sometimes this may be sound advice, others it might just be a good laugh to bring down the stress levels a bit.

    Great topic, Barbara! Eric.

    Eric Hamm´s last blog post..Official ‘Sign In’ Post…

  20. JannieNo Gravatar says:

    A lesson? Shoot, I guess I missed that day at the Better Blogging Institute. Maybe I sometimes give folks a smile or a muffled guffaw. Possibly an outright laugh if they click and listen to my song MP3s. Today’s post, more of heart tug I think.

    Jannie´s last blog post..Sometimes in dreams

  21. Linda AbbitNo Gravatar says:

    Each week, my goal is to educate, inspire and add some laughter (for stress relief) to family or paid caregivers’ lives.

    I think I’m succeeding based on comments and emails rec’d.

    I’ve considered writing a post asking my readers what topics they want covered more in depth, but I don’t think I have enough regular readers to ask. What number of readers should I have before I survey them, Barbara?

    Linda Abbit´s last blog post..Funny Fridays for Halloween: Because It’s Better to Laugh than to Cry!

  22. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    I believe I want to share my writing and ideas and be acknowledged for what I am writing about ….Since I spent most of my working years helping people integrate ideas, think clearly, and be able to make use of ethical review and outcomes in their lives…I hope that aspect just peeks in….sparks…
    If I encourage and inspire someone along the way! Hip Hurrah

    I think I am just doing for myself right now and wow am I learning so many new things from so many blog writer’s and reading such good writing on line…it is so much more exciting and creative – most of the time!

    I’m off to read some more for today…I thought this was a good lesson today and I appreciated your delivery style!

    Patricia´s last blog post..Hats off to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Revising Committee

  23. JenniferNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara.

    When you publish a blog post, do you hope the reader will take away a lesson?
    With most of my post my goal is to help people and to make them think. I love thinking and I love helping others to think about things they probably never have.

    What is really neat for me is that in my thinking error series I think my readers taught me more than I taught them. I was opened up to ways I was using thinking errors that I didn’t even realize. I have learned so much from this series.

    If you blog in a niche, are your visitors learning more about the topic?
    Yes, from the feedback I get, I certainly believe my readers are learning more about how to have inner peace.

    Based on the comments you’re receiving, are your blog posts conveying the message you had intended?
    Most of the time they are. There have been a few times where I thought, “Maybe I wasn’t very clear.” But that seems to be rare.

    Jennifer´s last blog post..Come and Share in My Misery

  24. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Natural – When I leave your site, I’m usually chuckling. Your humor shines through.

    Hi Chase – As a teacher, you’re great at pointing out the importance of letting parents know how important it is to take an active role in their children’s education.

    Hi Scott – Welcome to the BWAB community. I think anytime we blog about our difficulties or lessons we’ve learned, we do help others, and ourselves. Kudos to you for willingly sharing your journey.

    Hi Katinka – I like how you put that, “…controversy nuance can work like a red flag on a bull…” That’s true. Even when others disagree, you have made them think (and respond), so it’s not all bad.

    Hi Panther – That which you write about can definitely apply to everyone. Like you said, hope, fear, love, etc, is fundamental to all.

    Hi Miguel – Absolutely! If we were to put ourselves on a pedestal and play the grand master who thinks they know it all, no one will listen to us. Like you said, we can learn “something” from anyone.

    Hi John – Your posts are great for teaching those who blog as well as those who have businesses. When I read your posts, I also think of those who are going to turn their blogs into a business. Your site holds tons of valuable information.

    Hi Betsy – I see your posts as teaching. When you write about your experiences and how you handle them, it gives others an insight into how they could deal with the same situation. Or maybe they could use a part of what you did. It’s all good.

    Hi Karl – Helping others is good karma. With what you’ve learned, you pass that on. With your blog, I see your posts as helping others to be better employees, and helping bosses being better at their jobs. We all have room for improvement, don’t we?

    Hi Clem – Welcome to the BWAB community. I just clicked over to your site and can see how the information you’re providing would benefit network marketers, entrepreneurs and bloggers, as well. I like how you put a scenario out there, and then discuss it with your commenters. That’s a great teaching tool.

    Hi Kim – It is more fun to feel like a “little kid”, isn’t it? :). You’re right though, hearing from our readers that what we posted helped them, make all the difference in the world.

    Hi Neil – I agree with that – we do need to relax and enjoy the moment every once in awhile. Life is too short to be constantly challenging ourselves. Writing on a variety of subjects, as you do, also leaves anticipation in your reader’s minds. They’ll come back not knowing what to expect. That’s a good thing.

    Hi Val – Welcome to the BWAB community. Sharing life is a wonderful way to teach others and make them think about theirs, as well. Even though you may not get as many comments on a thinking posts, your readers may be leaving, thinking.

    Hi Ulla – You’re the only blogger I know who lives in Berlin, so I definitely learn from what you write and from your photos, as well. I love when a blogger shares photos of where they live as I get to see different parts of the world through their eyes.

    Hi Jodith – I’m so happy you came by. I didn’t realize you changed your theme, and I’m guessing your feed address must have changed as well, since I wasn’t getting updates in my reader. I’ll come up and resubscribe and pick up your free ebook (introductory offer).

    Your ebook is a great idea. The tips you’ve provided on your blog are such time savers. I’m still using Outlook “tasks” tip you posted months ago.

    Hi Davina – Isn’t that the truth? One size does not fit all. We all have our own perspective. And…those perspectives can also change over time. I do know, your writings often make me think.

    Hi Eric – Thank you. That’s a great way to plan your blog posts. Start the week with heavier “stuff” and end it with “lighter” topics. Just like life and casual Fridays. 🙂

    Hi Jannie – You underestimate yourself. You do teach. That which you’ve written will be there to show your loved ones the journey of your life. Plus, you also teach other bloggers how a short snappy article on how your dog stole the Halloween candy can produce 39 comments. 🙂

    Hi Linda Abbit – I believe you nail it with your posts. Teaching others about the world of caregivers has taught me a lot, and your funny posts ones I love to make a copy of and share with my family.

    Re: surveying your readers. I don’t think you necessarily have to have a certain amount. If you have regular readers, even a low number, it’s likely they’ll have a question or two. I’d say, start now with a short survey (or a question at the end of a post), and as your readership grows, repeat the process.

    Hi Patricia – Thank you. Your lessons do peek through in your writings and stories. I’m often left thinking when I leave your blog. The post you wrote about the apples and you making apple pies and applesauce, reminded me of my childhood. It resurrected happy memories. 🙂

    Hi Jennifer – Isn’t that a great experience when you post something and your readers end up being your teacher? I remember your thinking errors series. I think it was truly enlightening.

  25. RobinNo Gravatar says:

    Blogging is indeed grand!

    I love the way comments on my blog expand and enhance the message of the post, giving it a whole new dimension – or a few new dimensions!

  26. My blog is all about educating my readers. Sometimes I wish I were more “creative” and blogged more about personal development issues, but then I’ll get an email and realize the question this person is asking is being asked by hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of others.

    Yes, RSS feed numbers can be faked and visits aren’t the same as “visitors”. That’s why Alexa is used by most as an independent way of measuring such “stats”. It’s not perfect, but it’s hard to “game”.

  27. Jeremy DayNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Once again, I just love how interactive your blog is. Im always surprised by the number of comments there are before I even get here. So here goes nothing…

    When you publish a blog post, do you hope the reader will take away a lesson?
    I always hope they will take away a little bit of something or I am not doing my job. Maybe it is my niche, but if people don’t learn it and apply it then it was probably a bit of a waste of time to come to my site.

    If you blog in a niche, are your visitors learning more about the topic?
    I hope so. From the comments I think people are finding a lot of value from my content. Also, I am starting to get quite a few of my articles linked. Im super happy about that.

    Based on the comments you’re receiving, are your blog posts conveying the message you had intended?
    I think my writing is pretty clear, although there is always room for improvement. Comments seem to echo that. So yes, I think my message is coming across decently well. My “Little Steps” articles seem to be taking off pretty well…


    Jeremy Day´s last blog post..11 Little Steps to Better Finances

  28. I love the phrase, “Our work may create a light bulb moment leaving our readers contemplating what they read.” The Internet has brought new flavors to education.

    Though I don’t have my own blog, I have an e-zine, Writer Advice, http://www.writeradvice.com. I also have a book, You Want Me to Do What? Journaling for Caregivers, and I offer workshops that introduce people to journaling. I’ve discovered that everyone is a caregiver for someone.

    Think it’s not true of you? Write to me, tell me how you have managed to avoid caring for/about spouse, kids, parents, pets, neighbors, colleagues, peers etc. Or write and tell me what you think of my site. Put journaling in the subject box, and I’ll write back. What I say might surprise you. My e-mail address is on the website.

    As we communicate, we can educate each other. I hope to hear from you soon.

    B. Lynn Goodwin

  29. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Robin – Comments are great, aren’t they? From them alone, we can learn so much more.

    Hi Kathy – You do a great job with your blog. Like you said earlier, you’re “keeping them honest”. I love that.

    That’s good to know Alexa is one stats program that is tough be be manipulated.

    Hi Jeremy – I must say, I love your enthusiasm. That’s always a joy to see. Keep that, and you and your blog will go places.

    I agree, your posts are very value filled. Although some of the information you post is stuff I’m aware of, it’s the spin you put on it I find enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

    Hi B Lynn Goodwin – Welcome to the BWAB community. I must say, I totally agree with you. We all are caregivers in one way or another – some more than others.

  30. I hope that every time someone reads a blog post they can take what I (or my interviewees) say and apply it to their lives in a practical way.

    Oh, and be entertained in the process…

    Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome´s last blog post..Improvising Life: Do You Play Along?

  31. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Alex – With you blogging about the someday syndrome, I would have to believe anyone can identify with that which is shared by you or your guests. I know your posts leave me thinking.

  32. Evelyn LimNo Gravatar says:

    My blog is a mix of two types of posts; for one, the aim is to educate and the other is to share my own personal journey. My mission is invite readers to use the content on my site, to heighten their awareness and explore beyond conventional beliefs. Hopefully, the content can help readers find a clearer life path for themselves.

    When I started to ask readers to share their own personal experiences, I realized that I learned a lot from them as well. The comments placed by them became a goldmine of information. I’ve got readers who say that they learned not just from the blog post written by myself but by the other bloggers who contributed by way of comments!

    Evelyn Lim´s last blog post..The Lipstick Indicator To Great Wealth

  33. Only two or three out of my 10 posts attract a lot of comments… Whenever there’s real engagement, I presume that I am ‘teaching’ some of them or what I preach is useful to them…

    Perhaps, I could write more about what people like 🙂 but I should also like those topics right? 😆


  34. Thanks for the welcome. I hope to have a blog as part of my website someday, if I can find the time. You are invited to visit my website/e-zine, Writer Advice, http://www.writeradvice.com. Let me know if you visit.

    Have a great November day. The colors are gorgeous in California.


  35. Pink InkNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t blog consciously to teach anything in particular. It’s more that I start writing about a life experience that has taught ME something. So I hope my readers will come away with something good to help them, too.

    I write when I feel passion, when I am happy, or when I am sad. I always strive to find the good in those experiences. And if there is a lesson to be learned there, for me, or others, it’s a bonus.

    Pink Ink´s last blog post..An Earlier Heaven

  36. I LOVE your insight, Barbara. This quote from your article really started ME thinking:

    “By asking thought provoking questions, providing links, sharing interviews with experts or sharing my finds, I do think I can teach others to be better bloggers.”

    This is a great way to teach … encouraging your readers to THINK, encouraging them to RESEARCH, encouraging them to LOOK outside of themselves and HEAR what others have learned. In fact, you just encouraged me to do that very thing!

  37. I started blogging because I wanted to share a bit of myself and my knowledge with the rest of the world. I’ve accomplished some of what I’ve set out to do and have made some really fabulous friends along the way.

    With every post that I write, I *hope* that my readers are taking something away. Lately, my posts have been more of the informational type (and that’s ok), but I want to get back to the emotional type posts. The ones that were a little more personal and asked questions of my readers. Those taught me more about myself and gave something to my readers I think. I should be able to find a balance between both (or so I hope).

    Ricardo Bueno´s last blog post..Why We Participate In Social Networks

  38. FriarNo Gravatar says:

    Oboy. Do I ever feel left out here.

    Because when I blog, it’s NOT to make the world a better place and solve global warming.

    Nor is it to raise awareness. Nor to motivate readers. Nor to help them learn from my mistakes.

    No…I blog for none of these altruistic reasons.

    It’s for the the attention.

    I admit it. I’m the Class Clown who likes to entertain the kids and school and make them shoot milk through their nose.

    So, when I post something, do I hope my readers take away a lesson?

    Oh, I certainly hope NOT!!! 🙂

    The LAST thing the blogophere needs is an advice column from the Deep Friar. 😉

    I like to think of my Blog as a place people can pop in and visit, to take a Time-Out from everyday life. If they’re amused and they get a chuckle, hey, that’s great! Then my mission is accomplished.

    Friar´s last blog post..Moon Sketches

  39. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Evelyn – Isn’t that great when that happens. As authors we open the door for discussion and our readers share their experiences and expand on the blog post. Like you said, the comment section is often a goldmine.

    Hi Ajith – Yes, we need to enjoy writing about the topics we publish otherwise it will show in our work. I find comments are often my inspiration for further posts.

    Hi B Lynn Goodwin – I’ll come by and check out your ezine article. I hope you’re having a great day as well. All of our fall colors are gone making room for what will soon be a few snow flakes.

    Hi Pink Ink – I often real personal posts and will nod and say “me, too”. It’s when we let others know how we handled a situation that we’re teaching our readers they have an option.

    Hi Ru4real – Thank you for your kind words. If I can teach others to be more informed, I’m happy. 🙂

    Hi Ricardo – You’ve brought up a great point. Some of our posts may be “informational” only. Even though they may not produce comments doesn’t mean our readers aren’t taking something away. We could end up being the “go to” person for that specific topic.

    Hi Friar – I love your comment, and especially the “shoot milk through their nose” part. Although you may not see yourself as a teacher, those who visit your blog do enjoy that “time out”. It’s like recess – time to relax and play at Friar’s. 🙂

  40. yeah it is really great when all these things happen. I agree