When researching setting up a blog, most sites say to blog on specific topics. “Pick a topic you know a lot about, and start a blog”.

At the end of March 2007, I started two blogs. This one and www.observationmountain.com. This one is specific to blogging. www.observationmountain.com is not on a specific topic. It’s actually pretty general. I write product reviews, opinions on life issues, i.e. dieting, online dating, organizing for the home and office, shopping ideas for specific holidays, plus offer great shopping sites. Or, I write anything else I feel may offer value to my readers.

I decided to experiment and watch the statistics of the two blogs. Two months have now passed, and amazingly the stats for both blogs are running about the same. I have enabled Awstats, Webalizer and Google Analytics for both blogs. Although each statistic reporting service gives me slightly different numbers, if I average them out, the numbers are fairly close.

So, that raises the question, Is it necessary to set up more than one blog if you want to write about more than one subject?

Based on what I am seeing so far, I say not necessarily. Now, I wouldn’t want both of my blogs combined, as the “technical” information I write about in this blog would bore my www.observationmountain.com readers. However, if the topics you want to write about would fit under an “umbrella” where you could encompass them all, I would say, “Pick a domain name that suits your general writings, and blog away.”

I think if your articles are written with keyword density, and an article gets found via a search engine; the reader may decide to follow links within your site and “stick around” for awhile. Based on how I search, if I find a website or blog that’s easy to navigate, I will often click on other links even though it’s getting me off target. If I really like a site, I will bookmark it and return to it regularly.

Keep in mind, the more blogs you have, the more time it takes to mirco-manage them.

I say, one or two good blogs, is better than a dozen poorly managed blogs.

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