When I started my blogs, the first thing I did was to start posting articles. The second thing I did was to concentrate on finding a good WordPress theme. I searched the internet and found many sites that offer WordPress themes, however, the best free site I found is Theme Viewer.

What I like about this site is, they have pictures of the themes, the ability to “test run” the themes, and easy download of the themes. Some sites offer hundred of themes, however, it takes several clicks before you can actually see the theme. Theme Viewer lets you search themes by the number of columns, color, widget ready, fixed and fluid widths, and several other options.

I continue to search for the perfect theme for my blogs, however, I’m satisfied with the themes I am currently using. I have tweaked them to some degree, and will continue to do so, until I find themes that best describe my blogs.

Theme Viewer has themes for all types of websites or blogs, plus most offer the ability to make changes. What I have found, is most WordPress themes end up on the Theme Viewer website.

If you’re looking for the best free WordPress theme website, check out Theme Viewer.

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  1. seajayNo Gravatar says:

    To blog or not to blog – is it the right tool for the job – I produce occasional web sites for my own and voluntary organisation use. Over the years I have done the static web site bit which means I have to make all of the content changes but the web site looks just as we want it with navigation as we choose.
    The time has come to produce a new site, content would include news, a calendar of events, reminders about upcoming special events(adverts), past events with occasional write ups and lots of photos, reader polls and other intercativity, an about section, contact, how to take part etc. Now is a blog the right tool?
    My main confusion in the past with blogs I have read is that they have no intuitive navigation, they are like reading a very long toilet roll (not meaning to be derogatory about their content) basically everything just flows one article after the other with maybe breaks on a monthly calendar (completely meaningless to the reader).
    I have read some good information here and am just seeking help on seeing the light.