When I’m researching for my blogs, I never know where the search will take me. Yesterday, as I was researching, “how to link to previous posts”, I came across, “how to add meta tags”.

From what I’ve read, it may be important to have meta tags in your blog. Apparently, some of the search engines see these invisible tags, and it helps to index your blog. In the past, some individuals have abused the use of meta tags, so now, most search engines just ignore them. But,in general, it appears that having meta tags in your blog is a good idea. Even if only one search engine uses them, it puts you ahead of the game. Do a little research of your own, and that way you can decide for yourself, if you should add meta tags.

Well, there I was, not knowing what to do first in order to add meta tags. My first choice was to go to www.wordpress.org, Their site has tons of helpful information; and it was there that I found a plugin named, quite appropriately, “Add Meta Tags”. As with any plugin, you’re required to download it to your computer, unzip the folder, and then use your FTP and put it into your WordPress plugin file. I did that, followed the instructions, activated it, and created meta tags for my blog. It was actually quite easy.

Having done that, I found another website, www.submitexpress.com which has free tools to analyze your page. I signed in with them, and proceeded to submit my page for analysis. Well, my page was too large, it contained too many URLs, and my keyword and description relevancy were low. Supposedly, a good page should have less than 100 URLs, otherwise you risk crawlers and spiders, not accessing it. Who knew?

So, it was back to the drawing board. I revised my keywords and page description in the “Meta Tag” option screen. I went to “reading options” and reduced my page size by lowering the “show number of posts” to 7. By doing this, I also ended up reducing the number of URLs.

My ratings are now in the “good” category, but I’ll continue to tweak my meta tags and description, in order to increase my rating.

To blog is easy. To micromanage your blog, now that’s another story. But…..I’m still loving it.

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