Adding a block quote to your blog is easy. Block quotes are are great way to reference other valuable sites

Today’s Lesson

We all get ideas of what to blog about from different sources.

Oftentimes, we are well versed in an area, and the words come easy. Other times, we know a little about a subject, but not enough to sound truly knowledgeable.

If you’re researching those topics that you’re not totally knowledgeable about, and find another article, that puts what you would like to say, in eloquent words, add a blockquote to your post, using part of the other article.

You can begin your post, in your own words, and then “turn it over” to your newly found source.

In WordPress, adding a blockquote is easy. Just go to your “code” page, and just before the quote, click on “b-quote”. After you have pasted the quote, hit “b-quote” again to close the quote. On your “code page” you’ll see <blockquote> at the beginning of the quote, and </blockquote>, at the end of the quote.

Creating a link to another site, will take your readers away from your site, but if you direct them to a quality site, they will come back to yours, knowing you’ve done your research well.

Today’s Assignment

When you are surfing the net, or visiting your favorite blog, find a quote that inspires you to write a post.

In your post, create a block quote, and reference the blog that inspired you.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Give credit where credit is due. In time, you may find, others linking to your best written pages, as well.

It’s all about “link love”.

Block quotes are a great way to share what you have learned with others.

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