If you blog, and add advertisements to your pages, you’ll often see the term, “above the fold”. So, what does “above the fold” mean?

Above the fold, is a term that is used to describe what a reader sees when then open your page in their favorite browser. Above the fold is the information they see, without scrolling down the page.

Most of the time, readers won’t scroll down a page, therefore, it’s imperative that the information you show “above the fold”, is “eye catching”.

If you’ve written a long post, hopefully the part that’s above the fold, is interesting enough, to inspire a reader to scroll down, and read the rest of it.

If you’re posting advertisements that you want readers to click on, the ads that are placed, above the fold, will most likely get the best results.

This can be tricky. If you’re concentrating on making money from ads, and place all of your ads above the fold, and your content, below the fold, readers may assume yours is a “ad site”. Your content may never get read. This layout could also be problematic for search engines.

The best way to analyze your site, is to look at it with a discriminating eye. Ask yourself, “Do I like what I see when I open my homepage?” Then, open a “post” page, and analyze that.

You blog to share with the world. In addition, you may want to make a few dollars from your blog. Careful planning of what you place above the fold, can serve both your love of blogging and generate an income flow.

Hint: Remember to test your blog in multiple browsers. What’s showing above the fold in one browser, may not be showing in another.

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  1. AsakoNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for the tips. I am still learning these terminologies, very helpful!

    In fact, it is challenging to figure out what to squeeze within the area called above the fold. I am thinking not to put too much ads in these areas at this moment on my blog, until I develop a decent amount of readership….

  2. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:


    Glad you like my tips.

    I think you’re on the right path. With any website or blog, what’s “above the fold”, is the first impression readers have of the entry page. It’s not a lot of space, to inspire readers to scroll down.

  3. […] I prefer to see the this information, above the fold. I realize the “craze” is to have a lot of this information at the bottom of the page […]