Way back, we used to write letters to each other. Then, the telephone came along, and everyone had a telephone number to share. After the telephone, came the fax. Then the cell phone. We probably have a minimum of three numbers for one person. Then, e-mail came along, and everyone, had an e-mail address to share. Then, instant and text messaging.

Now, it’s a “web address” for your blog.

But….not everyone wants, or even needs a web log “blog”.

Here are 12 great excuses to use, if someone asks for you, why you don’t have a blog.

1) “Blab? What’s a blab?

2) “I don’t have time to blog.”

3) “Computer language is “Greek” to me.”

4) ” I can’t spell, and my grammar ain’t no good, either.”

5) “I hate computers.”

6) “I only use my computer to play games.”

7) ” I don’t care to “make friends” with strangers.”

8.) “If I wanted to share with everyone, what I’ve learned, I would write a book.”

9.) “I can make more money on my full-time job, than you can, blogging.”

10) “I don’t need “spare change.”

11) “I don’t like to write.”

12) ” I don’t like to read.”

Or, you can get real creative, and combine all of the excuses into one.

“Did you say “blab”? Oh, a blog. Why would I want to set up a blog when I have no free time, hate the computer I have now, and only use it to play games. I don’t know the language of computers, don’t care to learn as I hate to read. I don’t like to write, can’t spell and my grammar ain’t no good either. I make more money with my full-time job than you could ever make “blogging”. And, if I wanted to share what I know, with the world, I would write a book. Plus, Momma told me not to talk to strangers. Does that answer your question?”

If you’re one of those people who’s not blogging, you’re probably having a great time actually visiting friends and family, sharing telephone conversations, living life to the fullest, and loving not being “tied down” to your computer. Enjoy each moment, create memories, and don’t feel guilty if you’re not blogging. You may be one of the “smart” ones.

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